Virgo Woman Libra Man

  • I had the interest of a Libra man for over a year. We decided to engage in a relationship about three months ago, and while it has been fun, it has been just as crazy. He is holding me accountable for something that I did before we decided that we were dating "exclusively". Now he has decided to cheat, and use what I did as his reasoning for doing so. I would like a litte background on the Libra man. It seems as though he is playing mind games all of the time. Once I felt I figured one thing out, then he switched to something else. He was constantly telling me of the things that I am doing, and most of it made no sense! Just a little more insight would HELP!


    Linda Goodmann described the signs very well. If you want a more deep insight you may need to do his chart. The best is:


    and of course tarot dot coms own astrology section.

    i hope this helps a small bit.

  • Thanks a lot BenteStoker. I was so frustrated when I did the post that I am not sure that I was making much sense. Will I have to have his birth time?

  • This post is deleted!

  • ahm ps forgot to say the male mibras i know are VERY cerebral, meaning they are at times WAY in their own mind, overthinkingoveranalyzing to death and beyound giving anyone a serious headache. thats when ya need to say hon this aint the way to do it, dont overthink verbalize it or write it down, then leave it make some tea leisure it n return tomorrow to whatever bogs ya head. useally works,. i also do a diff thing but thats my trick n wont work 4 anyone else LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Well, sad to say. I have just given up! I was so excited about us. We had so much in common, and I was so relaxed with him. We could study together, loved travelling, working out, and trying anything new. I really thought we were going to be great together. I did our compatibility on Carol Allen’s site, and we got remarkable marks, but it was explained that both parties just needed to cooperate. I was more relaxed because I felt that we would not have to put too much effort into it. But, he did think too much. He was 10 years older than me and he had all of these what if questions all of the time. Ran me crazy! Being a Virgo, and having an analytical mind, plus I am an INTJ, on the Myers-Briggs chart, I just don’t have a way with mushy words that comfort a person to reassure them of my intentions. I am not a words person, he was though. On another note….. I really enjoyed the site that you gave me. I am actually printing some of it out for another friend. Thank you so much again.

  • Yw, and i sense u are happy with ur choise.

    light n blessings

  • Yep! I think I am.

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