Would my relationship with an Aquarius work out?

  • I would like to know if a relationship with an Aquarius will work out. All help will be very much appreciated. Plz help me out 😄 THANK YOU VERY MUCH XD

    My Planets and Houses:

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Cancer

    Asc: Aries

    Mercury: Sagittarius

    Venus: Capricorn

    Mars: Taurus

    Jupiter: Leo

    Saturn: Capricorn

    Uranus: Capricorn

    Neptune: Capricorn

    Pluto: Scorpio

    Lilith: Sagittarius

    Asc node: Capricorn

    II: Taurus

    III: Gemini

    IV: Cancer

    V: Cancer

    VI: Leo

    VII: Libra

    VIII: Scorpio

    IX: Sagittarius

    Midheaven: Capricorn

    XI: Capricorn

    XII: Aquarius

    Planets In Houses:

    Sun: In Midnheaven

    Moon: In IV

    Mercury: In IX

    Venus: In Midheaven

    Mars: In II

    Jupiter: In V

    Saturn: In Midheaven

    Uranus: In Midheaven

    Neptune: In Midheaven

    Pluto: In VIII

    Lilith: In IX

    Asc node: In XI

  • The fact that you asked the question in the first place sends shudders down my back. I had a relationship with an aquarian male and my advice to you is give up now. I lost 7 years of my life trying to believe in him only to find out that he betrayed me over and over again and had so many affairs behind my back. He told me it was my fault that he did what he did. Mr mind games!!! Now he is trying to come back into my life again. Everyone that i know that has had any sort of relationship with an aquarian male says the same thing. Run as fast as you can away from them. You can't depend on them and they will hurt you. They are one of the most unstable people that i know.

  • Yeah that was your relationship. Aquarians aren't unstable, they're unpredictable! But, Pisces has a way of making people like Aquarians feel like they're walking on eggshells and feel like we are unemotional. No, that's so not true. We're just not UBER EMO. We think logically and wordly. We love intelligence, not kiddy stuff.

  • sorry, I had an older post on my mind. But, a Capricorn and Aquarius? Probably not. Aquarians aren't really emotionally needy and we also don't like to be told what to do i.e. authority figures. If you can refrain from dominating and give them space then everything should work out for the better.

  • Omg, did you know that we have all the same planet placements, except the rising mines is in Taurus. but that is so cool. I bet you were born on jan 1 or dec 31, 30. Seriously i find this to be so cool. We should stay in touch. = D and seriously i know what u mean about Aquarius, they can be cool, outgoing and very fun to hang around with. But they can be liers and we don't like that. But good luck though

  • I have found Aquarian men to be extremely sexy and .. well.. different. They are crazy in bed, just crazy good. When it comes to relationships, though.. they commit...but then second-guess themselves. I have had two intense relationships with Aqaurian men, both very different. Bottom line is, they have a hard time being faithful. So, if you want stable. forget it! Just enjoy the ride! and THIS is from a sagittarious, the supposed 'slut' of the universe...who knew? Aquarious wants to be adored and have YOU be committed to him. Just don't expect this commitment back.

  • I do agree that Aquarians are not emotionally needy, the guy I was so interested in never let me know where I stand. I later researched a bit and realized that he was an Aquarian and I found that almost comforting to think it might just be the cause of his lack of emotion. I also realized that with other not-so-positive influences his alluring charms faded and he became an uncaring brut, chasing whatever seemed tempting.

  • justvictor1 : kool! yeah i was born in january 1st XD dat's so kool oh thank u btw. yeah we should keep in touch ;D

  • wow! everything and everybody says dat a relationship with an aquarius will not work for me. I was actually expecting dat answer but as butterflysag said, i should just enjoy da ride, n dats wat i might just do. Oh n im learnin not to be a dominating cap, i realized not too long ago dat to be happy one most learn to give space n freedom and recieve it as well to be happy with someone. Thanx everybody for ur comments, 😄

  • You want this man then do a little fishing, throw the bait out and you will have his attention. Not too much bait though if you know what i mean.

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  • According to your chart, I don't think you would be compatible with an aquarius.

  • Its ok, i already got over the aquarian 😄

    thanks a lot

  • I am a Cap with Aquarius rising and in mercury and venus. At one time I attracted Aquarian men like bees to honey. We started out attracted to each other and stayed together for a few years but then the honeymoon was over and we went our seperate ways. I have to say that we never parted mad at each other and when we saw each other later on they were always cordial. Aquarian men are not for me simply because they are too detached and can be ruthless at times. I ended up marrying a Leo who was fun to be with but very controlling and insecure. That is a turn-off too!!

  • any suiggetsions on a virgo and aqua match? I am impusive, stubborn and appernetly accoding to my aqua bossy--but i had a reason lol he just never asked and I didn't get the chance to say 😞

    my gemini ex used to call allmost every night--aqua doesn't like calls--says not used to hugs either --what gives how have u had long reloships and not like cuddling?

    suggestions lol would love to hear

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