Help with relationship reading.

  • i am currently teaching myself to read tarot (using rider waite) and i am going okay but sometimes don't quite grasp what cards mean when they are in certain positions or what they mean when partnered with other cards.

    i did a five card relationship spread on my relationship with my boyfriend it was as follows:

    card 1 (what i bring to the relationship) the nine of wands, this seemed fitting because my understanding is that it means you are fighting, and weary but going strong. we are having minor issues that at times are just incredibly frustrating, and i feel like i am having to put a lot of effort into making it work.

    card 2 (what i desire from the relationship) death. i wasn't happy to see this, because it is so terrible looking. but i know that it usually means a new beginning, i do not want the relationship to end, but the issues we are having are due to uni exams and lack of spare time. so it would make sense that i am looking forward to the end of exams so we don't have these issues.

    card 3 (what he brings) the emperor. this was one of the cards that confused me, because it is such a masculine authoritative card and my boyfriend isn't exactly a tough guy. but i think it could mean that he is also trying very hard to make it work.

    card 4 (what he desires) wheel of fortune. i think it's a safe guess this means that he just wants everything to work out and be perfect.

    card 5 (why we are together, also determining how long it lasts and what to learn) four of swords. this one confused me a lot because of the context of the card. maybe indicating that it is a relationship that at times is hard, but in the end it is peaceful and good. but i'm really just stabbing at the dark. i have no idea how this card relates to time or knowledge.

    i would really appreciate if someone could help me out and let me know if these are correct interpretations and help with the emperor and four of swords in particular. if i've got it all wrong and it's saying im in a horrible relationship and should "gtfo" definitely go ahead and be honest.

  • i forgot to say please. how rude of me!

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