Would anyone care to give me a psychic love reading?

  • Hello all!

    Recently, I've felt a little stifled in love and I was wondering if there are any options opening up to me soon. The past year or so, I've gone on a handful of dates, but I seem to be blocked in actually sealing the deal and getting into a committed relationship. I'm a Gemini 06/14/1985 and I did develop a crush on a Virgo 08/28/1983, but I am not sure he is interested in me anymore as I haven't really seen or spoken to him in a while.

    Could anyone give me some clarity? I am willing to exchange readings or something and I would be eternally grateful! Thanks everyone.

    Best wishes,


  • Dear doormousey (Dev),

    Please take the time to read your astrology forecast as well as listen to Rick and Jeff’s podcast each day. The combination should help you to see how/why things are happening to us all. The stars have been in positions causing things that this generation has never seen or heard of. This month is full of more big changes ahead with Mercury going retrograde again. Try to see where you need to put your efforts within these parameters.

    I do not do readings with cards, though I check my daily Tarot Card and my Number and my Hexagram. Sometimes this gives me a heads-up on the coming day. Not the biggest help, but someone may read your cards per your question.

    Good Luck!

    In Love and in Light,


  • Thank you very much for that Judee! It helped me a good deal. 🙂

    Best wishes,


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