• Im a Libra and my last partner was a Cancer. He was your typical moody, mummys boy, good cook Cancerman. It started all great and ended 3 months later. A year has past and you would think I'd learn.

    Ive moved to Israel and met another Cancer man. He contacted me online and we arranged a date and all went well. He is handsome, smart, charming, sensitive and handsome 🙂 He said all the right things and we just clicked. At the end of the night he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he will message when he gets home. He did.

    That was a week ago. In that we, we texted each other like crazy, called a top speak with each other a couple of times a day and we met almost everyday. It was very intense, lots of lookig at each other in the eyes, hugging, kissing but we havenmt jumped into bed yet.

    He said he was dumped a month ago for the third time by his ex. He said he isnt ready for a relationship right now and needs time. Fine, when we are together we dont act like we are a casual unit. I certainly wouldnt invest so much time in a person if I wasnt interested. A few days ago I asked him if he wanted space I would give it to him. His reply was "I give him enough space and he wants to see me". He says Im handsome, sexy, loves my company bla bla bla.

    Friday comes and he asked if we are going to see each other and I said sure why not. I said Im free Friday and Saturday. We agreed to meet. I sent him a text to say that "I would love for him to fall asleep in my arms on the beach and wake up to a sunrise". He wrote back and said "he would like that". An hour later he calls me to say that he feels I want more ie: a relationship and he doesnt feel like that right now. He says Im hot, charming yadda yadda and if the situation was better he wouldnt mind being in a relationship with me but now he isnt ready. He said we are seeing too much of each other and he needs his space. That was Friday. I said "I understand, you have to do what you have to do". He said he "MAY" call me on Sunday. Firday night we didnt meet and he wants space.................Saturday after comes a text message "Hi how are you, how was dinner last night. I met with my family and I was in bed by 1130pm". "He asked what my plans are for Sunday"? On friday he was telling me he needs a break and 24 hours later he messages me asking when we are meeting again?

    I like him a lot and I really want to get into a relationship with this guy but I also feel like I should run away........due to my past dealings with a Cancer man. He is also the best mate of a friend of mine.

    I cant figure out what we have. We are not on a relationship but when together we act like we are in love, all sensual and giving each other compliments. He says he misses me.

    Im confused as to what to do. Should I tell to short his shit out and contact me when he is ready? Should I just confront him with what we feel about each other because we have something. I mean I seen him on a dating website we met on. He logged in today for 10 minutes or so. I was in the room just to see if he would log on and he did. He couldnt see me.

    What should I do.

  • Hi. ... WOW , not another Cancer thread . All I can say is Run, Run, Run as far away as possible . If you would like to go to my thread "Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " there is a lot of advice and support on there . I have recently been dumped by my ex cancer after an intence year of texting , phone calls day and through the night , meeting every 3 months as we lived 300 miles apart , I love you, cant live without you etc etc . Bla Bla Bla , without even any explaination /closure . LIbra's are more compatible with Gemini, Aquarians and Aries. Cancer's have no concept of time and will retreat into their shell for days, weeks at a time . also don't appear needy let him do all the chasing . Hope to see you over on my thread . Good luck .

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