Gemini guy advice

  • so, i was in a one month relationship with a gemini in april. he asked me out on my birthday, by pulling me aside. he smiled at me and looked straight into my eyes, saying that he really liked me and had been meaning to do this for awhile. we walked up and held hands, and walked in the parking lot for half an hour just getting to know eachother (we hung out at school, but never one on one). he admitted his anxiety at starting a relationship, because he hadn't had one in awhile. the next time i see him, we have a date walking around a pond hand in hand, and going to the movie theatre. we both get our very first kiss that day. not with just eachother, but in general, we never had kissed someone before. which is kindof unusual, at 14. everything was great for awhile and then i noticed there was some awkwardness, not alot of lovey-doveyness and a lack of passion. i felt kindof sad, anxious, and dissatissfied. the last couple days of the relationship, he completely ignored me. we hangout with the same circle of friends, and he just completely ignored me, didn't even bother looking at me. i was crushed, and after those two days i came up to him and said we needed to talk. we walked around and he told me "things were getting too awkward"

    i asked if he wanted to break up, he said "maybe..". i took that as a yes, and told him that i had been thinking about it anyway, because hes been ignoring me. he falls a bit silent, and says "yeah, i think we should just be friends." i feel my heart break, and i say, "yeah, well i don't want a boyfriend that ignores me anyway." him: "I'm sorry." me: "Yeah, whatever. See ya."

    i walked away, lacking of emotion, and feeling on top of the world. i see my friends and i feel the walls coming down and i almost start crying. i walk to my class and break down right in front of it, sobbing. my saggitarian, pisces, and libra friend try to comfort me and i push them away. I regain composure, insist i'm alright and break down backstage (this was drama class), where no one can see me.

    now that i can't have him, alot of the passion i was missing while we were together came back. and now that we aren't going out, i've noticed him making more of an effort talking to me, laughing at anything i say or do and constantly beaming at me.


    should i just forget him, and move on? it hurts alot less now, because i haven't seen him for a week. but everytime i saw him after we broke up, i'd go home and cry. it just hurts so much.

    his birthday; june 9th 1995

    my birthday; april 3rd 1996

    please help. any advice on this confusing gemini? 😕 😞

    much thanks,


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