I need help with a reading, advice, intuition...

  • Hello! I can't believe I am here b/c I thought everything was going so well. I am a 29yr old Scorpio - Nov 16, 1979- I have been dating a Taurus for over 4 yrs now. We moved in together this yr and just recently moved into our own place. We have a history of good and bad- the bad that I thought was over seems to be lurking and I fear I am living in denial or some twisted illusion. His bday 4-25-1982. Any insight would help. Something just doesn't feel right and I can't focus on anything or eat or sleep. Thank you for listening, Polished

  • Polished- what do you want to know is if this man is cheating on you?

    if he moved in with you it cannot be that bad! As a scorpio you tend to be self-destructive and so I am not surprised if you just make this one up to destroy something actually good.

    i can look for you if you join my blog- you can find your answer there.

  • I think that you are thinking too much. The mind has a gift of creating problems if we let it dominate our state of feeling.

    I think this guy thinks you are really hot and s e x y. Girls sometimes make up problems because they are emotionally more disposed to that. That is why men call us the weaker gender. If your boyfriend is telling you that everything is all right. Then bank on it! The men are really very easy to understand, because they dont think so much. They just think about sex and work and things that give them social status, for example money or a goodlooking girlfriend. Or things that let them get rid of aggression, for example watching football, or the need for solving problems so that they feel in control, for example strategy games, sports etc.

    It could be you yourself making problems and making him a bit confused about why you are so worried. Men are really less complicated than most of us women.

  • Okay, I have to go in completely different direction here. To me it sounds like your gut,/intuition is trying to tell you something, DON'T ignore it. I have been in your position and I did exactly as the first two posts suggested. Well, it was the biggest mistake of my life. This man tortured me with half truths and constant inconsistency's. I stayed with this idiot for seven years and when I look back on it now all I can think is what was I thinking!!! I should have listened to my gut, It's not that he cheated on me, he was just not the same person I met once we moved in together. I don't know how exactly you should approach this situation. If you give me a little more info I will try to be of more help...

  • I agree. Firstly you need to ask your self: Do I feel good about this guy? Do I trust this guy? Am I happy with this guy?

    You have allready answered these questions, wich is why you are asking for advice.

    I withdraw my advice from above. My new advice is: Trust your instincts. Trust your self.

  • Thank you to everyone who replied! I really appreciate it. I am going to put my heart out there and let the universe know that I am ready for Real Honest Love. And I will keep myself busy so I won't think about it.

  • The vibes you are picking up may be ABOUT him, but not be FROM him. There is the likelihood that someone else is trying to cut in on your territory, but he's resisting. He just does not want to tell you because he knows you will over-react.

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