Being ignored???

  • I posted a couple of days ago and I didnt get a single reply to any post. I asked about an on going question I have had about a topic I have been discussing. I was told that will not things not working out with his ex wife. But you didnt see him coming back to me immediately, Do you see him coming back at all? It was all just so sudden. We were happy and one day she reappears and wants to work things out and he goes running. He even asked my to marry him this is all just so truly confusing. He went away he will be back on Wednesday is there a chance he and I will be able to talk and sort things out?

  • Hi, You really want things to work out with this guy. The only advice I can give is caution. You know what has already happened and that is very uncool. I feel that you were saved from getting any more involved with this person. Because you had no closure in this, you are still asking why. Things happen for a reason--you know. You will have to wait and see. I don't think that anything will change by trying to change things. This is something that this guy and wife are going to have to work out. This could have happened at any stage of your relationship with this guy. That is why I said that you were saved. I would leave it at that and move on. You can't start another relationship and have one foot in another. I feel this is the best advice that I can give you. You need to get in a different mindframe because it isn't healthy to dwell on this. You'll be a lot stronger for it by accepting it. I truly feel this is the best for you.

  • Hello junglebunny2, It is very obvious that you have not been treated fairly by this man, and it is alway,s difficult to deal with some one who has emotional feelings and ties to an other person, As you can see from many of these posts there are a lot us trying to figure out what our partners want and need and .... WE ARE NOT DEALING with a third party so your situation tells me you need to just move on and not allow this man to hurt you any further, as I believe if you let him he will hurt you more once they treat you totally unfairly it is quite possible for it to become a pattern. I feel for you & wish you much luck & genuine love in your future. I agree with DALIA...............Leonida

  • thank you both for your response. I do not dwell on my relationship with him but I miss him. I am seeing other people. Thank you for the advice. I am just a little confused as the wether this was psychic advice or just a basic what you think about the situation

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