Highs are very high and lows are very low.

  • I am in a very complicated mess with relationships and am not sure which way to go. Intuition tells me I am in the same type of relationship that will lead to lonliness but intuition says there is something very special about this relationship. With him my highes are very high, but my lows are very low. When the relationship is high, he's like sunshine and I become very creative and energized. With the lows it's dark skies and all energy leaves. It sounds bipolar I know, but it really seems brought on by him. The roller coasting is terrible. I would like to continue moving forward with him and hope this is just brought on by the circumstances around us. Yet, I am not sure. Any insight in to which way to move forward?

  • You are an empath and he is bipolar. When the cycles become predictable there is little chance this will become anything else than the reality rollercoaster this mental illness is. You have no control over this and no change of circumstance will smooth this out. Time will convince you. Read some books on manic depression (bipolar.) You'll know what your options are.

  • I would agree with the empath. I feel people, kind of like vibrations and can feel when it's off. Never knew what it was called. With him being bipolar (not sure), I am picking up the different swings and reacting to them? I feel so in tune with him that it's almost eery. I thought it was more like a sole mate relationship.

  • The attraction is soulmate in he is showing you about you-- you being empathetic--how are you going to manage this gift--sometimes a burdon? Soulmates come and go sometimes--as the perfect lesson at the perfect time to help us through our journey. I still say he is bipolar--each is unique but have some defining traits. Time will convince you and education will help you. Go to your late night book store and read books on the subject for free--spirit will give you what you need. Also read books on healers and empaths. Blessings

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