Gulf Coast Resident - in need of a reading if anyone is up for it!

  • I'm sure most have seen or know of our situation down here in the Gulf. I'm needing guidance on a few issues.

    My business (I do daycare) has lost kids because of the oil & parents losing jobs and i'm not sure if I need to wait it out (which financially can't be long) or move back "home" to the DC area to be with family & rebuild. (Biggest factor here is that my 15 year old son would be devastated to have to move back to DC even though his father lives there too, he wants to graduate with his friends)

    My relationship status with who I feel is my soul mate & the only one I can say I have ever truly loved (coincidentally lives in DC). We have been back and forth for 11 years and for the last year have done the long distance thing...what do you see where this relationship is concerned?

    Anyone who wants to take a crack at it...please do. I just need some guidance from above.

    Warmest Regards,


  • Hey there,

    I do tarot readings for myself and close fam n friends...I know nothing about on-line readings...

    My gut reaction-I'm a Momma to 3 young adults-(one 19 yrs, one 16) so I get the importance of peers.

    I got the feeling that it may be a good thing to move...?

    Just my first, gut take on your sitch!

    Take Care, and Blessings whatever may be...

    Things have a way of working out the way they're supposed to...IMHO!

    Lisa 🙂

    good luck!!!!!!

  • Hi, Tamy, is there any chance that he might be coming to you? I read the cards for you and while this is what it feels like, I don't really know. Something will be coming to you. Hope this helps.

  • Make a claim with the man in DC that is holding the money from BP for your losses. I also live in the gulf area.

  • Thank you all for your words...

    I dont see him coming to me...he has children that live up there that he wont separate from (which I respect). I dont know, I hope whatever is coming to me will give me the answers cuz I need them sooner rather than later. I dont have a whole lot of time to make a decision.

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