Which is Prettiest Sign ?

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  • Yeah.Cause I mean,Ive almost met people from every sign.When I kinda catogerized each person from each sign.It was driving me crazy.I finally ended up with Taurus.But for me..its kinda like,if I find a REALLY pretty Taurus,then Ill find 5 other ones that are honestly not physically attractive.Its really tough.:I

    And then for leo's..yeah,the guys are H-A-W-T.But I never see any preddie leo girls.D:

    Virgo's.<3 Ahah.Im dating one right now.(x He is a perfectionist.<3 Love everything about him.

    Sag men are like..holyyyyyy.The women on the other hand..eh.

    Aries..well,the women turn out to be really pretty.But the men are so-so.

    Gemini's...well,the women ARE GORGEOUS.<3 The guys are just..yeah..._.

    Cancer men are sweet.(: And the women..well,this girl in my class is a cancer..shes kind of a player.>.>

    All the libra men Ive ever met are..ugly.>.> No offense!But the women are preddieee.

    Scorpio's are s-e-x-y.(x But theyre dangerous,they really play around with you.._.

    Capricorns...eh,so-so I guess.

    Aqua's are also so-so.

    Pisces,well,everyone gushes over the women,it kinda pisses me off,lol.Theyre really not all that gorgeous.But the men..are like...Oh my god!<3

    That was highly based on personal experience.o.o Wasn't tryna offend anyone.D:

  • Cottontail, That was just fabulous. I haven't giggled once today and found myself just smiling away while I read your last entry. I've never really thought about the physical characteristics of the signs - but my husband is a Scorpio and dangerously beautiful (looks a lot like Jesus Christ); my son is a Capricorn and is sturdy, strong, and handsome in a J.Crew manly man sort of way; my daughter is a Pisces and is drop dead gorgeous in an undecorated and no frills way (she doesn't know how beautiful she is); I am also a Pisces and I think people mistake us for gorgeous because we tend to be low maintenance in the "How do I look? Do I look ok?" department. Anyway - funny stuff girl. P.S. My brother is a Virgo and I find Virgo men to be kind of feminine and fussy sometimes - definitely perfectionists! Ouch.

  • While I'm at it I might as well get in on the Leo thing. I can't say I know too many Leo men but I know some Leo women who think they are all that and a bag of chips - but - for the most part - they have the potential to be very pretty but I find them to be rather tacky and wrong trended. Too bad they didn't incubate a little longer and come out with the panache and good taste of the Virgo. No offense to the Leo Ladies - just an observation from a plain old Pisces...

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  • Wanderingwonder- Gosh,you're right!o.o Ive never ever heard any Pisces be all "Do I look okay?Do these shorts make my butt look big?" etc.:P But like,Pisces are actually very pretty.Its just that people get all gushy about it and make them sound like as if they beat people like Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie in a beauty contest,lol.

    Scorpio husband that looks like jesus christ?LOL.I've dated a Scorpio before,people would think he was like,an Italian model or something,I kinda get where you're coming from.:P

    And yeah,Capricorn men can be really handsome..in like,a manly way.(x

    oo.Your brother is a Virgo?:P The guy Im dating..Im kinda confused about him.-.- Hes really not like any other Virgo's Ive met before.Hes really like,simple and not trendy at all.And as for being a perfectionist,he is one,without even trying.But Ive been with him for 2 months now and not once has he corrected me in any kind of way,or has told me to fix something about myself.Which was really odd for me.Cause my dads a Libra/Virgo cusp,with more Virgo trais.So I kinda know how irritating it can be to live with them cause of their picky attitudes.Especially for me,Im a Gemini.x.x And I mean..His bdays Sept. 12,hes not a cusp in any way,hes supposed to be 100% Virgo..But hes never picky about anything,and is extremely easy-going.Im actually more of the picky type I guess."What kind of cursive is this?Your letters are too big." "God.Give me your lighter,I don't wanna see you with that ever again" . And everytime I say something like that,I immediately apologize.Cause I realize how bossy I was actually being.And he just smiles and says.."I'd die without the bossy you"

    I just dont get it. -__-

  • Quenkath-My brother is a Leo.:P And my dad is a Libra/Virgo cusp.

    The thing with my brother is that,he has the same birthday as one of my ex bfs.August 21st,lol.And like,my brothers only 1,hes turning 2 in August.So its kinda hard to determine how good looking hes gonna turn out to be.But he as a pretty chubby baby that makes random girls go "AWWWW.LEMME PULL HIS CHEEKS" 😛 But my ex..like holy crap.>.> He was efffffiiinnn S-E-X-Y.(x I kinda actually don't want my brother to be like that.:P I know,what kind of a sister am I?Hoping that my brother won't be all handsome and a ladys-magnet.Well,my ex got hurt because of these things a lot.Girls would be gushing all over him,he got easily irritated by these things.And they're always like,try to break us up and stuff.Lucky them,it worked,lol.

    But anyways..Yeah.._.

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  • O:!Thats so cool!!Yay for August 21st.(x !

    Awww,haha,a dimple?:P His huge blue eyes?o: My brother has huge gray ones.^^ Ooo,my brothers lashes are really long,too!

    LOL.:P With my ex,whenver he'd go shirtless for me,my friends would like secretly take pictures with their cell phones and yeah,they'd just gush over him and talk about how lucky I am,etc,etc.:P

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  • Haha,thank you.[:

  • i'd have to say Aries men, Leo men are the most attractive to me. something about the fire signs. their looks always have my blood pumping. hehe. must be a fire sign thing. the sagitarius girls however, i think are really pretty. scorps too. and virgos. i agree about the pisces girls being beautiful in a low maintenance way. i see it. taurus men are attractive.....taurus women are beautiful too. libras also. hell, all of 'em are attractive.

  • from people I know and things I've noticed (not based on any real study 😛 )

    Aries: The men tend to be funny to me, so that's what I notice before looks... Otherwise relatively hansom. The women always seem pretty in a straight forward way.

    Taurus: The men do seem to have a bigger head! Seem to care about their looks.. The women I've met have always had an earthly beauty... Like they are true and nurturing.

    Gemini: I'm attracted to most Gemini men I meet. The women usually exert a sensual vibe...

    Cancer: I avoid the men. All together. They might be attractive charmers but I can't depend on their emotional stability. Women I know have all been beautiful... Also less stable than I prefer.

    Leo: The men are so much fun! Flirty and outgoing, but their ego gets the best of their looks. The women always have this real beauty... Almost like, how dare you tell them they're anything but lovely...

    Virgo: The men do seem hygenic.. I wouldn't call them feminine though. I've known some manly ones. The women are always strategically dressed and have quality to flaunt.

    Libra: Since I've liked the opposite s e x, these guys have ALWAYS seemed to catch my eye. Too bad the compatibility isn't there! Only attraction. The women are usually always fun and free spirited, part of their allure... Also, fashionable.

    Scorpio: I find Scorpio's physical attractiveness more related to their conversation skills... I'm never initially attracted by their looks, it's always the first conversation that gets me asking their birthday. The WOMEN, however, are nearly ALWAYS have this overpowering "ness" that's overpowering for many... Like, they've been there, done that, and don't want your c r a p.

    Sagittarius: The men are fun! Attractive and easy to talk to... Truthful and not timid (most of the time) so their attraction, for me, is most felt through social situations. The women are always a blast and seem to be so excepting... Haven't met too many drop-dead-gorgeous ones, but they have attractive personalities.

    Capricorn: The men always seem so reliable. That's my attraction to them since I've met many of varying degrees of physical beauty. The women.. I've known attractive Cap women, but many of my Capricorn girlfriends features are "serious"... Sounds weird, but it's not another word for ugly... just a demand for respect for potential suitors.

    Aquarius: I don't know many of the men! The few I've met have this look that shows how much more they know... Otherwise they're mistakeable for other signs.. Until you talk to them! The women usually have some pronounced feature and most I've met seem to take pride in being physically fit... Obviously, that's if they're dedicated to that, though.

    Pisces: Part of the men seems so breakable and flighty. I've always had a hard time trusting them. The women tend to be "mysteriously" attractive or really vary in appearance... Stereotypically have nice eyes...

  • My apologies for butchering the Scorpio women section, I think I was distracted.

    *accepting is what I meant for Sag women

  • Personally i find that cancer woman is sweet. and feminine.

    Aries woman has full of self confident

    Leo woman is trendy and versalite

    Gemini has the intelletual beauty

    Aqua is fun loving and outgoing personality

    Taurus is cool and classy

    Virgo has apair of charming and beautiful eyes.

  • i like them all ! but intelligence out going and fun helps but nothing over the top! i am a gemini male and seem to hit it off with all.

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