Which is Prettiest Sign ?

  • I know..Its kind of a...weird question.:P

    But people from which sign out of the 12 are considered to be the most attractive ones?

  • Hey what is your sign?

  • Im a Gemini.o.o

  • Cotton Tail,

    Depends what do you consider attractive ?

    as far as looks goes ? manners, personality ?

  • No...like,I know that the personality is what matters the most.

    But Im speaking in terms of looks.

  • From persoanl expeience, I think that Gemini's are so,so attractive. it is something about those Gemini men that I think is so good looking. I am so attracted to them. I am Aqua.....

  • Ohh.My moms an Aqua.:P

    Haha,we're air signs.^^ All highly compatible.

  • Gemini's are just S E X Y. they have this s e x appeal. W O W.....

  • Cotton Tail

    I'd definetly say Leos,Virgos,Taurus, Sagitarius, & Aries especially Leos & Taurus

    not only do they like looking good but things around

    them, good things, good places ect. They can be flamboyant.

    Taurus guys can seem bigheaded they expect nothing but the best

    and have very high standards trust me I dated a taurus guy! woah..

    Sagitarius are considered the life of the party, literally every sag guy I know

    owns' a handy pair of black shades and use them very often lol [Brad Pitt is a Sag]

    Virgo guys come off as the pretty guy type, Dress very trendy

    and dont like getting themselves dirty and this is a everyday thing, most virgos

    seem feminite because of this. Aries seem to always look well put together in whatever they

    wear and wherever they go.

  • OK J Depp is Gemini and everybody know how darn S E X Y and Cute he is. Don't forget about Blue eyed Paul Newman.

  • for some reason I never meet gemini guys

    i've never dated a gemini, i knew a few...they wer'ent much of my type

    we just never seem to have anything in common i think that why.

    JDepp, yeah hes good looking 😉 Aquarius and gemini are very compatible


  • I think Cancers (men) are the most beautiful and s e x i e s t signs around! Extremely intimate and most excellent at sharing feelings, and all I have known, very, very good looking! Did I say s e x y? I am a Virgo woman and with the right birthdate we are extremely well matched! Cancer has my vote any day and everyday! Yep, Cancer Men have my vote!

  • Did I say Cancer Men? Just wanted to say it again! Very, very good!

  • RedPetals, I use to call my Cancer Man "MY WALKING JOY STICK" LOLLOLLOL...............

    How I surely miss him...............anyway, I have to agree that there is something hypnotizing when it comes to these Cancer Men.

  • By far Female Virgos take the prize at being the prettiest sign, without a doubt. They are so clean you could eat off of them. That carry themselves with such grace, and dress impeccably. Good taste in clothes and fashion, and can decorate a home so nicely. They are sensual and sexy, and are basically the whole package.

  • Pilot007, you are with me on this one? lol, Hypnotiizing, oh, yes,

  • It would have to be Virgo........... All the their perfectionism and detailed analysis spawns some of the most beautiful people I have ever seen......Ones of which, are extremely well groomed and dressed to the hilt to grace the presence of even the mailbox.....With such high expectations for ourselves it's obvious that getting ready for the the day is sometimes a bit of a task....... .LOL..............And yup, I'm a Virgo.......We got the look..;)

  • Well I couldn't have stated it any better myself..............Way to go.....That's what I'm saying........The whole package..Now are there any men that interested in joining me in all my perfection?

  • Libras, Leos, and Taurus.. all dress well, and have a love of beautiful art, and are usually very good with colors, designs, and these signs usually have good taste in clothes and have good etiquette and usually do well in the field of art, designs, fashion, theater and drama.

  • Could'nt have said it any better! Getting dress for me is the biggest

    task of my day lol. and yeahh we are REAL perfectionist we it comes to


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