• Cancer and Pisces is an affectionate, sensitive couple who will help foster each other's ego. Pisces is an imaginative dreamer but Cancer is an imaginative worker-and together they can turn dreams into reality. Pisces provides romance in Cancer's life, and Cancer is the all-protective lover Pisces needs. Both are emotional, intensely devoted, sensitive to each other's moods. They'll hit it off in the boudoir, for both are responsive sexually. Cancer has to take the lead but Pisces is a very willing, erotic follower. A very harmonious match.


  • Yes, I am Pisces (3/1/71). 13 years ago I had an affair w/ a Cancer (7/11/71). I was escaping an abusive boyfriend, we rendezvoused for about 4 months . The sex was phenomenal, he was senstiative to me, respectful and he understood my intentions and was o.k. w/ that. Well, we have discovered each other again, through mysp & face book we have been communicating, and I feel that same tension I felt 13 years ago, I feel myself wanting to be w/ him and to talk to him just like before. I could love this man, maybe I do! Thank you for the encouragement

  • I am a pisces in love with a Cancer..I feel like he is my soul mate ..we are so in sync..he has a way of making me feel asif I am the most beautiful woman in the worldand he has eyes for no other...I love him so ...but sometimes I find him withdrawn and moody and that drives me crazy

  • I am a pisces and I was dating this cancer alittle over a month and everything couldnt have been better we were just so in sync and then one day he just vanished and I have never heard from him again still figuring out what the hell went wrong there I know they withdrawl from time to time but here we are on 3 months later and I have seen him a couple of times just passing each other on the road and we both look at each other but still nothing I dont know what I did or said and even after I gave him a little space I tried to call him again and his phone was turned off so I agree that I thought they were a good couple and maybe they still are, I may just be the exception.

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    thank you

  • On May 6, 2009 me(pisces) and my boyfriend(cancer) made it to one year. Then 10 days later he ended it, we have been broken up ever since, but have remained amazing and quite sexual friends. I want to be with him so bad again...i know we are compatible, i just need help in showing him. Does anyone have any advice????

  • confused pisces Im just as confused as you are mine I honestly havent talked to for 3 months now and it is all so weird to me everything always seemed so good to be true and we just understood each other so well and yet he just dropped me entirely without even saying so much as bye and I'm still left standing here wonderign what the heck happened. So the only thing I can give you advice on is to give him his space and dont be too pushy they move at there own pace. He will come back to you in most cases they actually always come back so dont worry about it especially if you have already been involved for this long already....

  • So it turns out or at least the girl I have seen him with twice is his ex that hes back with and that would answer the silence I have been receiving for about 3 months but what kills me is I see him everywhere most of the time by himself but I have seen him with this girl twice and I am left with the conclusion that he is trying to work everything out with her the messed up part is she cheated on him twice and I havent done anything at all except maybe have bad timing you would think he would at least tell u hey I like u but I am trying to work things out with my ex sorry. That could have been included in a damn text without even saying any more at least thats what I would have done I mean we live within 5 minutes of each other and I work right around the block from his house which I have been taking the long way just to avoid having to bump into him. I guess their will just have to be unfinished business there and move on thank you all very much for your advice and support

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  • Glad to have come across this topic for I too am a piscean involved with a cancer male !! Pisces n cancer do compliment each other in many ways BUT a cancer is a cancer!!! Request you fellow fish to think it through in ur heart and mind before you leap into anything with a Cancer. Being a fish, yes we're patient, perceptive, stronger than others think we are and good at playing mind games too !!! But is it really worth slogging it out for a crab that's rarely gonna be around when YOU need them !!!

    @cancermen --- Don't do this to urself and just kick his bu** outta ur life!!! Why let someone treat urself as a side-kick when you deserve to be their priority...whatever happened to pisceans being self-proud and self-respecting...I know its easier said than done (ask me after one year of playing the chasing game with my cancer love). But trust me, there are better men out there for a lovely, wise young woman like you. :):):)

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  • First time i saw this head banging(headbanger) long hair sex pouty lips and dreamy eyes , he saw mme and said hey and i said hey and then he said hey and i said what ? Come here he said and i did for seventeen years and still life was good and well i meet my soulmate cause i grew too fast and alot of time and devotion went in to a life long commitment that he never wanted and so who ever want to listen cause some times we need to say some things to get it out, seemily we are to be privite when it comes to a cancer,But I will only and always start at where i lefted off.

    P.s. it's along story but my love life and I will win.

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