Could someone do a reading please?

  • I'm just feeling so lost. My life seems to be in upheaval! Lack of money and no direction..Unable to concentrate. I go through on the daily life and do the best I can. I have recently aquired a fourth job. So I currently have one full time job and 3 part time, on call type job.

    I feel as if I have been searching for my place to be my whole life. I look for co-incidental things around me to have whatever force in the universe guide me. but I can't seem to find my way!

    I know thwhat I've said hear is very random. But if someone has a feeling they would like to share...I'd love to hear it! Birthday = 4,8,1960


  • stop looking at the money..Try to start looking at the people around you, someone is looking at you open up..

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