Dont let astrology run your life!!!!

  • Ther is a reason for eveyting.Dose not mater when you are born.Is it god?dont know.but the person you are ment to be and be with,Is up to how you live life.Be a jerk to people you well never get what you want in life and keep it.All my GF would cheat on me.I never yelled or hit.I just walked away.Come to find out karma dose get them in the end.I have a good wife and 2 kids.My wife was born feb 22 im may 16.We are vary happy,astrology says we wont work.I say we are ment to be.SO be good to all even the jerks in the end YOU well find happyness

  • I agree. I listened to a psychic once that the person I love and still do was not the one for me. It's been 11 years and I still love him. He called me a few months ago to tell me that he still loves me. The problem is that he is married. Listen to your heart; that is the wisest. Your heart always knows best. Blessings to all.

  • Astrology isn't always the answer but if you view it as a source of general information it can sometimes explain certain aspects of life and help you to accept things and then be able to choose if the direction your life may be going is where you want to go.

  • It will work, I am an Aquarius and my husband is a Taurus,,and they said it won't work,We have been married( HAPPILY) for almost 30 years,,Blessings to you for finding your soulmate.


  • My mother is an Aquarius and she's been happily married to a Taurus for years. With Sun signs you don't see the connection, but once you go deeper into their charts (Moons in Aquarius and Libra), (Venus in Gemini and Sagittarius), you understand how they work. They are the best of friends and always have a common goal.

  • TrueTaurus. Amen to that. Astrology is just to comfort people.

  • I am madly in love with a cancer I was also madly in love with a taurus, I heard repeatedly that I was not supose to be compatible, I think astrology has help me better understand their perspective, but does not dictate or control me or who I love. I know of many couples that astrology would rule out who are going strong. I know many people who I am spose to be compatible with that we just didn't gel. Ya never know!

  • Astrology is a tool - a wonderful tool - but only a tool. Alyah is correct - you need to delve into the entire chart, not just Sun signs. We were all born with all the planets somewhere in the sky (of course), so people with conflicting Sun Signs may have fabulous trines, sextiles and conjunctions between other planets, which makes all the difference. And people with Sun signs that theoretically get along fine may have lots of quincunxes and squares between other planets. So, "Sun sign" astrology alone, which is what a lot of people assume all astrology is, tends to turn off people who might be interested if they were given the whole story on astrology.

    Congrats on your long and happy unions!

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