• I have another "seven" question: I have two sevens in my birthdate (and weighed 7lbs something at birth), my childhood home number added to 7, and now I am seeing the number seven crop up quite a bit. 2009 adds up to 7, and in dreams sometimes I see the number 7 (or "Chapter 7" more precisely), so I'm wondering what is the significance of this number for me now? Any insights will be graciously accepted and appreciated as I only know a little about numerology 🙂

  • It could be your soul seeking a closer contact with your higher self, with God to be more precisely.

  • Goodness, me maths is hopeless t'day!! 2009 of course, does NOT add to seven, but rather 2 from nine leaves 7 which really has no bearing numerologically speaking - at least I don't think so! So please disregard the rantings of someone who is hopeless at maths ... and numerology so it appears ...

    And thank you very much THW for more insightful wisdom; what you say makes great sense indeed 🙂

  • I think 7 has someing to do with god.Like 666 is bad.i herd that 7 was gods..I think

  • Cris I was seeing 7 & 11 in all different combinations. I think it means something really positive esp since 7s are a reoccuring themefor you. 7 is a lucky number to me. 2009= you are seeing 7 and 11 like I am. I think it means you are on the right path and keep doing what you are doing. You are coming out of a difficult time period and on the path to where you need to be. Have you felt more inspired recently or felt the need to rearrange things in your house? To me those are signs that something good is comin my way. It doesnt even have to be something huge it might be something simple but important to you. I know I have been seeing those numbers for quite awhile and alot of good changes are happening. I feel like this is true for you too.

  • Gee I hope so, lovinmylife! Things have been dark 'n' dreary for way too long. I have felt like changing EVERYTHING about my life in truth, but pull back as I could be experiencing middle age crisis or something! Ah well, hopefully what's right for you dear lady, is right for me!! Thanks btw 🙂

  • Well right now I'm in a vibration of "7'' and it tells me that this is a period of rest as 'God' rested on the seventh day after creating earth as we know it. This is the time to take time for yourself for reflection. For the past 7 years things have been upside down, not going right, people you thought were your friends turn out to be something totally different, and you may feel as if you can't get a break. This is all true for me because I'm in the vibration of a ''7". Not to worry because all your hardships that you have been going through will pay off. All you have to do is reap your reward. I believe in the power of numbers and it's reflection is written all through the bible. Take care and God bless!!!!!

  • Thanks Skiraven! Sounds pretty good to me; I like rest 🙂 And yeah, things have been upside down and not going right and if my calculations are correct, THAT's been going on for seven years. So I'll just sit back and ... wait s'more ... yawn ... ta muchly ... zzzzzzzz

  • 2009 adds up to 7

    How so? I can see 9-2 = 7, but 2+9=11. Of course, 7 is the grand biblical number. Even God rested on the 7th day after creating the heavens and earth. So, if this number keeps on appearing to you, perhaps the Big Guy is trying to give you a message?

    Not sure if this is your thing. When the number 14 kept on coming into my life, I consulted some pro numerologists at Most Gifted Psychics ( who gave me some insight into the number, and its possible meanings. It the end, it did improve part of my new job, so it was worth it!

  • Thanks BirdInSky - I realised my mathematical blunder above and felt like crawling under a rock (posted something exonerating meself further up). Anyhoo, I had a dream the other night which showed an "essay outline" with Chapter 7 - Jose Right written on it. I take the Jose Right as a word play or similar (my Guardian Angel is Josephine) so I've taken that to mean I should accept what she tells me as being right. The number 11, well, that's the number of a person I'm in contact with at the moment who is very important to me. I'm a 33 so we're both master numbers. Not sure how this all connects, but will go from there.

    So, ta and pardon - as I said above - the mathematical blunderin of a silly middle aged crazy lady!! 🙂 Might look into the numerology issue too, so ta also for your suggestion there.

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