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  • That's ok, probably time I learnt to do the myspace thing!!!! 🙂

  • DragonFlyFlame, you just don't know how on target you might be. That is pretty amazing

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  • I try 😛 It just is luck I guess. I don't claim to know the future or be psychic I just go with what feels right to me.

    Wenchie yeah I can do that. Prolly is easier to set up anemail account then deal withmyspace lol.

    I shall talk at ya later.

  • Hi. I have a great friend and physic who has taught one important thing. Always ask for conformation by any physic. My has been a blessing and with out her suggestion I would be in some deep .............. well you know. I am in agreement with the Hangedwoman in that you may have knew each other in a past life. You have said you sparred with him and he may be missing that part of your relationship you have with him. Concerning the spark you felt in your dreams perhaps what you may be missing is the mental sparring. I hope this helps

  • To DragonFlyFlame and the others: Thank you for not going on at me for my opinions together with that Letsgetreal.

    I know that my ideas are probably unconventional and unusual. But hat is really also why I bother publishing them! If everybody said the same, then I would not bother sharing my ideas with others.

    My ideas help some, and for others they are unimportant. My ideas help me, but for others they might be just silly. And again, for others, they might be just as useful as they are for me.

    The reason I speak so much about firstly taking care of own development and secondly about anybody else, including relationships, is because in my own experience we are our own saviours and our own sources of conflicts with other people. That is my personal experience. If somebody is making problem for me, I leave them so that the person and the problem goes away. But in a marriage it might be a bit more complex. In many cases I would simply advice the woman to leave the man, but since Cris1962 is such a strong and spiritual woman, as I see her, she is in power to at all change the whole marriage by continuing to strengthening herself and helping herself. Since she is so strong, it might not be necessary to leave her husband or even think about him. In that way, if the marriage is not good for her, then it will dissolve automatically, without having to take a stand about it even. Then her strength and inner healing has come so far that unimportant parts of her life just disappear as a result of her inner process and not because she focuses on the situation at all. I am just advicing her to continue to take care of her own healing as human being, because she is leading a good inner life. In my personal view.

    So that is why I dont see why that Letsgetreal were critisising my advice.

  • NO worries! Everyone is their own individual!

  • It seems to me that this fellow is giving you something that you have been lacking emotionally from your settled relationship for years, and when you are getting your emotional needs met it stand to reason : the fires inside your that have been dormant for so long have awakended, and are waiting and needing for a physical /emotional release, longing to experience love both emotionally AND physically . you can only suppress things for so long, before your body jumps on the slightest chance to let its needs be known. It may be that your mind is finally ready to accept that there is more to life that to just settle. and apparentlly you are just now willing to admit this as you stated that you do not think that you are fridgid after all. decent person doesnt have sex on cue. a person who is happy with their mate /in love with their partner is able to have sensuous and wonderfull sex,whenever it happens . I think your inner self is telling you that you deserve to have and be more than just settled, through your dreams of this person.

  • Sublimation is really much better than its rumour. To channel the sexual force upwards to a higher purpose that serves healing of the soul rather than just what happens between man and woman. That is why I married fridigly. Because I wanted to stay without those feelings my whole life to become clean. Just like Cris1962 said she saw about me.

    My husband is really wonderful and understanding, but I will never feel lust for him, because I hate, hate hate sex. Sex made me sick in my head when I was 13, so I dont give a s hit about those kind of feelings. I am in a truly happy marriage, and it is really possible to be married without lust. He is just a nice person who does not care much for se x either. We are cooperating in life to serve healing for ourselves and other people. We have helped many. He loves me and I love him. Marriage is not only about those kind of feelings that has to do with making baby. It is about helping each other and not mistreating each other. I am damaged because of a stupid dad, but I have done the best for my own healing: channel those feelings upwards to serve healing in myself and in the world. It sounds strange to many, but for me the only way to become healed from emotional abuse. Saying no to my dad since I was 13 really was damaging my feelings about those feelings. But I do not disagree with you others, I am just saying that healing is really not only about love from another person, but really from God directly.

  • Sometimes we have dreams that somehow strongly feel different from the average nightly dreams and we are meant to sit up and take notice of them. I ask you if you go back into your dreams do you feel someone standing slightly and softly behind you? If so you may be getting assistance from your guardian angel to experience some aspect of the dream so that it helps you to grow in a certain direction. This may be the case and perhaps like someone else suggested you need to open yourself up to love. This does not mean you should accept the dreams at face value and act on them with this man, but perhaps use them to help you open yourself up to that loving feeling. We are meant to love and feel love in many aspects and to close ourselves off will bring Spirit in to help open you up!. I had a series of dreams also, great ones actually and they lasted a month. I'm married, but In each one I felt love for a different man, none of whom I had ever met, but each time I "fell in love' or loved this person and each time the loving feeling was completely different. I believe those dreams were to help me open up as I too am middle aged and feeling stifled. They were wonderful dreams but I believe were only meant to open my heart center more to possibilities. I did get that vague sense that someone was standing behind me. Now I know I when I sense that, even if vague I have to listen to those dreams as I'm being assited to move or look to a different direction. Once I acknoledged that I had to open myself up more they stopped after a month. (That was a great month!) Hope this helps in some way.

  • Interesting comments MMack. I've acknowledged that I need to open up more and have allowed those feelings in. Yet still I'm dreaming of this fellow (and no, I don't feel a presence with me) and each time he's talking "sense" to me or helping me in some other way. And it's the same guy each time. I guess in the dream realm, I've accepted a loving relationship with him knowing it's pretty much impossible in real life, all things considered. But I will say that I feel a huge sense, when with him in these dreams, of having come home and I wake up a lot of mornings in tears (seems to be happening a lot this week). Guess I just don't want to leave that realm!

    cleric and pokeymom

    I have seen a psychic, but it was months ago. I never asked if this fellow was my soulmate at the time and she didn't venture that information either. Just merely said "he wants someone in his life and it could well be you". She did say she saw my marriage ending, which didn't worry me as this isn't the first time I've had doubts about it. Yes, keeping feelings repressed for too long manifests in so many ways. I do miss this guy really; haven't actually seen him for a long time, though have talked on the phone and texted a bit. He's popping out to see me later this week, so it'll be great to have his face in front of me for real and just be chatting to him.

    Ah, we'll see where the wind blows I guess ... Thank you very much for your comments here!

    And as always, THW your comments are helpful and comforting 🙂

    Eeh, wenchie, ya might be regrettin ya ever spoke to me now!!! Thanks my friend, you've been awesome.

    On to the next chapter, eh? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Let us know what happens at the end of the week. I like your comment about seeing which way the wind blows! How true, sometimes we just need to let go and see what happens. I do understand your predicament more than you know. I think sometimes we're not seen as who we truly are. Many times men have a way of skimming over the deeper issues and in the end we feel just like a piece of furniture and end up having no passion because the true us is not being seen. Not sure if this applies to you but listen to your heart and don't be afraid to make some kind of change in your life to make yourself happy, even if it's just to take up a hobby you never thought you could do or buy yourself some flowers to make yourself feel special. You are! I hope seeing your friend cheers you up at the very least. Hey, he could be seeing a little bit of cougar in you too!!! Don't discount that!

  • Chris I am glad that your going to get to at least spend time with him. yay! I have a godo feeling!

    Now only if I could get my soulmate to quit being a turd lol damn Gemi's lol 3 or 4 weeks now still no word from him....sigh oh well I fear I will never hear from him again. Idk maybe that's best but doesn't help me miss him any less.

    I called his mom Saturday i believe it was to chekc in with her about some things cause I was worried about her. She told me no worries he will be back. idk, like I said I fear that we will never be friends again.

    As far as your gentleman goes, maybe he is some what your soulmate. We have 4 to 5 soulmates per life time. each teaching us our own lesson we need to learn. He may very well be there to help you through this difficult time on making the life for yourself you want^^

    I give you hope for the best my dear hugs and kisses!

  • Ah MMack, that's what worries me - to be seen as a "cougar"!!!!!! Or maybe I don't understand the true meaning of that word; it just signifies someone who only goes for the young ones ... ain't me consciously but I seem to end up with that (hubby is three years younger than me). Still, this fellow is a very noble and principled guy and not a pursuer. I'm also not into affairs. BUT STILL the pull towards him seems to be very strong indeed and I'm not prepared to refuse it. Just got a message from him, but can't see him today sadly 😞 Haven't got a reply from him to my reply either yet, so hopefully things don't go awry ...

    And DFF, this gemini of yours is very interesting. He really is a challenging little soul and one who's keeping you on your toes, eh? Guess he's waiting for you to chase him a little more ... at the moment I think his ego is outweighing all else 🙂 He'll get over it and he will be back; his mum's right (mothers know). Just hope he doesn't drag the chain too much or you might get sick of waiting. Thanks too for your comments. Who knows why this fellow really has appeared like this? I'm a bit this way and that with soulmates. While I feel there is only one who is our other soul half, there definitely are others we can be with, that's for sure. Sometimes I've wondered if this fellow is a twin really considering the similarities in our birth process and challenges we've faced in life so far. Just general musing really, but damned if anyone can ansswer that question for me! Maybe I ain't meant to know 🙂

    Thanks guys! Looks like I've missed the boat today for seeing mls, but hoepfully later in the week. I'll keep y'all posted ... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxox

  • Hi chris you were so helpful to me I decided to try do a reading on you and your husband. I don't do them often I've been told I have a gift but I dunno. Here's what've deduced. That the reason you passion is not alive in this relationship is because you have given more emotionally then you have/are receiving. Now that you have played the role of the ever forgiving mother for sooo long you feel trapped in an unreciprical partnership. I don't get anything about the guy in your dreams, just you that given too much and now feel you are being taken for granted.

    In order to get more satiscfaction in the bedroom you will have to forgive and allow yourself to to be vunerable again, open and innocent like so long ago. Try to remember that althogh you feel like you've carried the lion's share in the way of sacrifices and (I see a lot of pentecals wich tells me that there are some finiancial considerations as well) your husband loves you and is in it for the longhaul. Something that you've not been able to appreciate as of late. I know you feel underappreciated but did you know that he may be feeling the same way? I got no major araneas so there are no alarms as far as if this marrige is on the brinks so it looks like you and he will have to work thru this

    There are some great books that may help you loosen up and have fun one I love in particuallar is " how to tickle his pickle". it talks about giving ourselves permission to give in to our abandon and ask for what we want, and get it. Good luck best wishes I hope my bluntness wasn't overwhelming

  • I think your right Chris lol I wrote more in my other topic post lol argh the man justmakes me ugh! shakes fist lol

    Well off to work 🙂 yay!

  • Thanks so much sexygem,

    You know I think you might be picking up what happened in our marriage eight years ago rather than now, and your comments are dead on in relation to that period. I/we did try and do all sorts of things to regain the spark, but still it remained dead inside me. I stayed because I didn't want to put my daughter through a custody battle, or run the risk of losing her. At the time, his mother said she'd fight on my side as she didn't want him having her granddaughter, so I often wonder if there's something she's not told me. I'm not saying my husband is an abuser or whatever, but still that feeling persists. And it was very strange his mother would've sided with me then.

    Now, I'm just plain exhausted by all the "trying". I'm in it for the long haul too, otherwise I wouldn't be here. We are a good team as parents and friends, but not lovers. That's over. And I think I'm discovering that I actually do need this in my life after all is said and done - there's life in the old dog yet, as the saying goes 🙂

    Now of course after seeing the fellow I've dreamed about a couple of days ago, I am feeling like I've found the love of my life, but am in an impossible situation. I am torn between loving my husband and being "in love" with this other fellow.

    Thanks so much for your comments. As said, I feel you picked up on the past, which is what can happen with this sort of thing. And again as said, you got it dead on for that period of our lives, but not quite for this one.

    Keep at it! Validating things from the past for a client is very valuable as it tells them that you are "getting" it and tuning into them. And it's said that a reader should go with the first thing that pops into their heads, as out there as it may sound. So I say, well done!


    He is an annoying little soul your Gem, ain't he? Ah the frustration of it ... but gawd, he's cute 🙂

  • Oh yes he is. When you have a chance if you could maybe post your feelings on it on my other topic related to him. I wrote a little more. I'm just wondering when I am going to hear from him now. BUt when you have time just give a check I would so appreciate it. 🙂

    I agree..not wanting to put your child through a custody battle. It is so tough when you make these choices to be with someone then you have children which int he end if it doesnt owrk out it complicates things. sigh I feel for you sweetie. My prayers are with you.

    You are a strong woman. And a wonderful friend I feel. You are loved so much! 🙂

  • Thanks DFF (sniff). Such a downer I am on today and you, along with some others, have offered comments that have made me actually SMILE which is no mean feat! I'm praying for a miracle here, as irrespective of how many questions I've asked about my little soulmate, I feel there's a future for us and I'll be damned if I'm prepared to let that fizzle or go out of loyalty and duty. Ah well.

    I can't see when you'll hear from your little Gem. He's being a bit evasive and stubborn - really acting like Peter Pan or even Tinkerbell!! Someone told me that I would know the answer to my dilemma in a few weeks, and I think this may be true for you too. I just worry that this little Gem of yours is going to push you too far and you'll wipe your hands of him, which'll be a shame. And his loss. Still, you have a stubborn streak in you too and I think this might be a test of pride in your case. Pride goes before a fall ... or a loss. So maybe, you might have to bite the bullet, put your pride in your pocket and cave after all if you really want this man. But he'll have to know, in no uncertain Saggitarian terms, that this will largely on your terms (within reason). He has little sense of boundaries this fellow and in a funny way, I think that's what he's craving from you, believe it or not. So let him know about them and go from there. He likes to be lead if he cares to admit it, and what a joy he is when he's been lead the right way.

    But you can handle it. Saggitarians have the most amazing tolerance! Good luck my friend. I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash, as the old saying goes 🙂 HOOLIE DOOLIE he has a cute butt ... sorry, didn't mean ta perve ... so to speak 🙂

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