• Firstly, I would like to end the discussion about my father and daughter and say that my daughter is not ten or so but will turn three years old in october. And she is very intelligent and can express herself well with many words. Better than some four-yearolds. I think the reason that you dont get much vibes about my mom, is that she did not know about how he was and that she has been quite innocent in all of this. And a victim herself, for not being eyeopened about how perverted her husband was. Although he did during dinnertime around the table used to brag about that this and that student in his class at university where he used to work till he got retired (he is 67) had been flirting with him, and sometimes he used to say that a collegue at work had flirted with him. This he used to tell us three teenage kids and our mom during eating dinner together. As if this was relevant for us family members to hear about! So she knew he was a bit too interested in flirting with other women - but I am sure she did not understand that this could have been in an unhealthy manner. My mom was always angry for no reason (understandably) all the time after I turned 13 (when he became perverted in his feelings and mind). And because of her anger and sadness I did not share with her how I was feeling abut my dad. I thought she would be too naive to believe me, and I thought that she did not like me at all anyway (wich was not true, my mom was depressed and that was why she was behaving with anger all the time). Since I got a child I have not let my dad be alone with her, but a very few times I have let the two of them have her for a few hours. Once three days and nights in a row.But I really thought that my mom was intelligent enough not to let him be alone with her. I was sure that she in silence knew that. But everytime there was a nappy that needed to change, she said to him: Dear, she needs to change her nappy. She sent him to do that job. I was really disappointed by my mom, that she did not understand this, since I did in my early twenties call him a pedofile, but then I apologised for this later so that my family would not look at me as if I was sick or something. They just did not believe that it was true, because I was having emotional problems (because of emotional problems in my teens due to bad parenting) in that period and he acted just as usual. So my mom really thought that my problems came from me and not from my dad at all. After I realised that my mom can not protect my daughter, then I totally have stopped letting them have her - even a few hours with the whole family - unless I am there.

    So that ends that story.

    Back to your important dreams and this fascinating young man ;).

    I think it is fascintating that you have been having dreams of a young man in his age - for about seven years before you started dreaming about this man. And the feelings you get in the new dreams are similar or the same as the feelings you had in the previous dreams before you met him. As if this is the same guy as you have dreamt about all these years. It like: When he was 25, you dreamt that he was 25, when he was 26, you dreamt that he was 26 and so on. Wow!

    It is wonderful that you are having contact with him now. He is in a period where he has no girlfriend. When he gets a girlfriend she might not let him have contact with him anymore. So it is now you have the opportunity to find out what this is and what you can do for him (and him for you).

    I think he is respecting you a lot. Perhaps you might function as a good advicer (against bad girlfriends for one thing). I hope that you in some way open his eyes to the spiritual world more, so that he will be able to protect himself better than in the past. I think he is to some degree attracting emotional (dramatic) women and that he does not really know how to make this to stop happening. He needs to learn how to protect himself against being used by this type of women. Beutiful girls who wants to sob in his shoulder and seduce him as if he is some kind of emotional medicine of some sort. And then accuse him for being the one who has been wanting the relationship or not being honest or good enough. I think this is why he has chosen to be single for some time.

    I think it is wonderful that you are going to give him a reading. If he is the man that you have been dreaming of for now 8 years, then this reading is going to be important for both of you. I think you will act as a good advicer to him in this setting. And I hope that this will make him understand more about how he must protect himself against silly relationships with too much drama. I think this is a guy who has had few girlfriends, and those he has had has been bad.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • To applewolf:

    Why do you really care about who these people were in previous lives? It is not so important.

    Focus on your own growth. Your own personal and spiritual growth on all levels. Seek wisdom from the Bible or other spiritual texts. Read about psychosynthesis, selfhelpbooks as The Secret (check the link and other selfhelp books and meditate on what is best for you in your life. Let God help you. Dont give so much interest in other people. Take care of yourself. That is my advice to you. Seek people who have wisdom. Seek healing of your own self, your life, your mistakes and your own soul.

    That is my advice to you.

    Perhaps other psychics (although I dont call myself a psychic) might enlighten who you and these men you mention were in previous lives.

  • To applewolf.

    I gave you the wrong link. Here is a link to The Secret:

    The Hanged Woman

  • G'day again HW,

    Yes, I had some difficulty getting your daughter's age - at first I thought she was in her late teens! She may be another old soul tho' which could explain the fogginess with her age coming thru. I have read your final post about the situation with your parents quite thoroughly and I do feel the whole thing has come around full circle for you; it's time to put that ghost to rest - you were not responsible for any of it and never will be. As I've seen you say to others - give it to the Angels/Heavens and let them deal with the healing of it; at least the final stages of it. I see you've done quite a lot to heal yourself already.

    As to what else you've said about my situation, yes, I agree with this. I do feel that I am meant to guide this fellow and that may be the sole purpose of this, for now at least. What makes me think there will be more to it in the future is the presence of the dreams (there have been a whole lot more which I couldn't post up here) and many conversations we've had in them which tell me he will play a very important role in my own life down the track. It's hard to tell all in an environment like this as the post would go on and on and on and on ... ya get the picture!

    I have made a very firm decision this day though, and it is that I will keep and respect his friendship against all odds or opposition from others, including my nearest and dearest (if there is any). If he was female, there'd be no problem, so that'll be my stance from this day forward. If it develops into love, then I am praying I will be in a position (both circumstantially and spiritually) to go for it. But I will not go into anything new if I am going to be dependent on someone. So help me God, and the Angels 🙂

    And may God and the Angels keep and bless you, my friend xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • To Chris1962.

    To tell you the truth, I really would like to have contact with you outside of this forum. Through Internett. You probably dont even live in Europe?

    Yes, you are right that I allready are healed. In a few months I will start acting as a media between those whom Heaven has sent to me to join my group (my spiritual direction) and we will be of much good for each other. The three or four of us. If my husband joins, we will be four. And I believe he will join. But the two other ones are really interested in me. I just cant do anything else but wait for my healing to be finished so that I will come out from my chair and self-healing and act. This is a very big thing to do. To actually act. It must come from inspiration, not from my will. Because even my will must be healed. The will that constantly is being manipulated by the mind and the surroundings and from other people.

    I would appreciate it if we have some more writings outside from this forum. But at the moment my mail server is not letting me create another e-mail address. I think I can create a totally new anonomous e-mail address to public here to you through this forum.

    Hanged Woman

  • Oh...I see I look kind of crazy the way I rattle about that I will start a group. It is really not about starting a group. That is not in my hands. It is about having my true family. My true friends. What you might call a spiritual family. I wish for it so much that I think about it all the time. More than anything else that I use my mind on. I understand I must be healed first. To put it this way: I must practice what I preach. I must surrender my life and soul and body and mind completely to God. Then, when I am healed, others might follow. Not that I believe that I will be completely healed within some months. Not even when I am old and on my deathbed. But enough to let it happen, what must happen. It is like God is saying: "This is my will - let it happen. Dont work against it all the time with you ego. Dont worry, you are good enough for this gift. It is for you, take it!"

  • You ain't no cook HW! You and me both wish dearly for our soul family. I'm tired of coming across 'em, then they flit out of my life like they were hardly there, leaving me sighing and wondering why this always happens. I'm a bit tetchy today as I texted this young fellow yesterday to say I'd got some results from the cards for him but haven't heard back. I know he's super busy at the moment, but I get a little bit annoyed when people don't return my messages. It's like talking to my 18 year old boy!! Ah well, it's the old chestnut of people never living up to my lofty expectations I think, and the fact that I put some effort into doing this for him, but so far, no acknowledgement. Grrrr.

    One more thing I'd like to say to you my friend: your last sentence says it all - we none of us will be completely healed while we are here on the earth plane - always we are experiencing pain and learning from it on this human journey. Even those who appear highly enlightened still have some karma to complete, so I say to you: don't worry about not being "quite healed" yet! These people want to help you now, so please, in the words of the Angels "Let Yourself Receive". I'm also very glad your husband is thinking of joining you on this journey. He obviously loves you very much indeed, and loves you for who and how you are with no other expectations of you. Thank God he's in your life; he's an earth angel himself I feel.

    Talk to you soon!

  • HW, PS: I'm in Australia by the way, so our contact won't always be immediate, considering the time difference!

    Look, can I impose and ask one question of your intuition? What impressions do you get of my husband and my marriage? Don't feel obligated, but I'm curious ... 🙂 I'll accept any honest impressions, even if they're brutal, but as said, don't go there if you don't want to! Ta xoxoxoxoxox

  • hello -

    I just came to the forum tonight and read your thing really stood out to me in particular and if you don't mind me asking I will...ignore this if it is bothersome..

    Words are really really important as you know...our thoughts manifest as words and

    so on and so on as you already must, I was wondering why you identify

    with TheHangedWomen...there is something very bleak/black in this and if you want to...

    can you say why you use this or if you think changing it might be helpful to you...I am getting

    the feeling there is a whole lot in these words.

    warm wishes,


  • Hi inwonder.

    I will answer you later today or tomorrow. I am having a busy day today.

  • I will answer the question now, inwonder.

    You know, the highest will that Heaven has for us is for us to surrender to Heaven. In that way we will receive the divine will for us and we will be healed from our sins, our mistakes, and that healing will fulfill the promice that God has given to us through Jesus Christ: We will become complete human beings. We will become what God intended us to become when He created us. We will become masters over all the animals and plants and the world as a whole. I hope you dont see me as a crazy fanatic or something now. I am telling you the truth about our mission on this earth. We must master all the feelings that really belong to the animal world: We must master our desires. Our lust and our own anger, wich are also animal feelings. Our goal is to become true children of God The Creator.

    Who is the hanged man? The hanged man is the man who did Heavens will. The most known hanged man is Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ said do his Lord: "Father, I wish I could be freed from this task that you have given me. Please, if there is any other way to do this, then let me be freed from this that you want me to do. But if it is your will, let your will be done."

    Jesus Christ took the blame. He carried everybodies burden. He took the punishment for something that he had not done. This is what the Hanged Man symbolises.

    One word for this is Altruism.

    I see myself as a person that has to surrender all the pointing at everybody to show the world who`s to blame. I suffered because of bad parenting. My parents are the one to blame. Still I have to let it go and surrender this hell to The Light. I have got to free my soul from the wrong doing of others. I got mental problems because of bad parenting. But "noone" knew. People said: "Your dad is such a nice guy." Everybody liked him. But in my heart he knows what he did. And that is okay. No one needs to know. I told my family and noone believed me. Now my siblings and I all have children. So I will tell them again. And I have told kindergarden where my daughter goes, so that I know they tell me if she shows signs of abuse. And I dont let her alone with him. Still it has happened by accident a few times where my mom did not take precautions (because she does not understand how he is).

    The hanged man is the one who took the blame for something he had not done. And he accepted it to be like that. For the greatest good.

    I have done the best I could.

    And by doing this, surrendering totally to God, without giving the blame to anyone for my life, I have become healed. And when a healed person is in contact with another person, that person will come close to this healing and might even be healed herself/himself. And that is going to happen in my life.

    Allready several people have benefited from my self-healing. And it will reach others, and the healings continues to heal even when my life is over here in this world. Then I have done what says in the Bible: I have let my light shine in the world.

    I learned the story of the Hanged Man by reading the philosophy that Tarot Cards are build upon.

    Thank you for your question.

  • hello,

    thank you for responding...I hear you...

    Sending you warm wishes on this great journey of life.


  • I just needed to get an idea of who I was in a past life, because I've always been obsessed with reincarnation in what may or may not be an inappropriate & unhealthy way; and I need an idea of why these coincidences keep going on & on with me between these people, and whether I'm supposed to have special relationships and missions to collaborate on with these people, or whether they're just a distraction sent to test my concentration on the main issue. I understand that crushes are a powerful distraction in a solid healthy romance for a young person. But I just happened to notice that it seemed strange that the younger dude was raised 2 or 3 blocks from my infancy home, and then he lived up the road from me in my last town, then he visited my friend/ex-neighbor at my current house before I met him at her wedding. Is it old resolved karma or is it just a distraction test? And why did I allow myself to get a crush on him a year ago (around this exact time, in fact?!-- Whoops, I'm obsessing and overanalzing again!) Is it a form of self-sabotage? Funny how I had premonitions of him moving local after our first meeting at the wedding last May-- whoops, I just couldn't resist that one. I don't want an affair with this dude, because I'm happily in love with someone who I've had premonitions about since childhood! Now my beloved, and this younger guy I probably "knew" intuitively as a baby (wishful thinking?), and my best friend my own age all share this Aries energy and look alike and share beliefs. They are all creative and intuitive & emotional, and we all have varying degrees of parental misunderstanding from our childhoods. And the weirdest thing is that the younger guy either sneaks up behind me like magic to appear when I have my back turned or I'm in some other room, and disappears the same way! Very suddenly! And I didn't know he was in the library until I thought I "heard" him calling my name and saying "hi", and I whirled around looking for him in that room but it turned out he was in the next room not looking at me-- but my insane point is that he appeared when I didn't expect him there-- and I don't just "hear" him "talk" to me when he's not there? It's too weird, and I feel crazy and silly for sharing this-- maybe I need my head checked or to get a more expensive therapist then the wonderful lady I have. I always have an intuitive sense of when he's there in my vicinity! And what's with these 2 weddings we attended together where we're the only 2 people who mutually knew both brides (none of the other guests from my ex-neighbor's wedding attended the 2nd wedding!) I met him at a wedding, not on either of my old towns' streets or even at my house when he came over and visited my friend when she still lived there with me! Is it a simple mundane coincidence disguising itself as synchronicity to distract me, or am I right to optimistically believe I'm in this delightful odd young dude's life for a productive reason, to discuss art and inappropriate parenting and humor and music and the subconscious? I always wished for a best friend like him!-- oh-- just one last detail-- once we ate lunch together and a sweet piece of his hair fell in my food as we became aquainted last October-- as if to offer himself to me spiritually! And he tried on my lipstick (he's bisexual but no girlfriend or boyfriend-- HE's staying celibate too!) when I visited him for his birthday. He told me my jars I make are a symbol of capturing unique feelings of nostalgia from different ages that I wouldn't get to experience again. I swear he knows and understands me on some deeper level. He told me last year he trusts me with his life! Maybe we'd been married last life and it hasn't worked out (for good reason-- I understand perfectly and won't persist. Or we were siblings or parent and child!) Right after he moved local to me I found a swan in my yard on September 11th-- I don't live near enough to water that it happens often-- this is rare & precious almost like gold is! (then again I found a sparrow on my steps on another September 11th years prior! And last year while the swan was there, my boyfriend & I were finding his new guide dog who was trying to run away as a fun adventure, in mischief, smiling and playing hard to get with me. A comfort symbol from my grandfather that we'd catch her and she'd never tease us that way again.)

  • I firstly think that you might aswell divorce your husband. No matter what he thinks about that. It seems just like a comfort marriage for both of you.

    Initially it is never important who we knew from previous lives. It is really not important at all. You need to care about your self, not everybody else.

    But I do think that you think too much.

    This important guy you are thinking about might be very good for you and if you feel that he knows you and understands you on a deeper level, I promice you that this is better for you than this marriage that you are in. He seems like one of the reasons he is with you is because you are so much younger thatn him and therefore easier to manipulate. I, too, have been a very easy target for controlling men. I even liked it very much indeed, because then I did not need to stand for myself at all or think anything for myself at all. I just gave all responsability to this controlling authorotative ultrasexy guy. Just because I really hated myself.

    I advice you to pack your bags and move for yourself. You really dont need your husband. If you are having emotional problems, then probably he is sustaining it. I dont think he understands you or even care about understanding you.

    In stead of going to therapy, I advice you to seek spiritual wisdom and read psychology your self. So that you better understand yourself and your life, and the people in it.

    I think this guy who you feel understands you on a deeper level, can help you. He might even be grateful for listening to all your mess that you are feeling in your self. He might understand you and know how to help you like yourself better.

  • To applewolf.

    I forgot to say: Noone is going to save you. And you dont need to save anybody. This is important for you to understand about any relationship. You initially need to learn how to stand up for yourself. You need to learn also about who you are on a deeper level. This is what we all need for ourselves. If everybody had known who they were on a deeper level, there would be so much more peace in this world. Because on a deeper level we are all divine beings. We must learn to develop ourselves toward a deeper and higher understanding about who we are without our surroundings and made-up problems in our minds.

  • And no: I dont think they are distractions. I think they mean that you should become friends with these people. You need good friends, as do I and everybody else.

    I think your soul, you intuition, is telling you who your friends are. And you should trust that. Trust your intuition. Even learn how to develop it, so that you can become your own best friend in that way. Like this: "What is best for me? And then you feel the answer and trust that answer that you feel." This is really what is referred to in the Bible when God is telling us people to listen to Him. He is really talking about that intuition that we are created with. It comes from God.

  • And when you have learned the difference between what comes from your intuition, from God, and what comes from the mind or the animal instincts (desires) that we have, either other peoples thoughts or your own, then you can start travelling that direction that your intuition leads you. You should get some help developing your own feeling into a good one.

  • Chris,

    What I am getting from this dream is maybe you have foudn another like minded soulmate. Nothing sexual, nothing indecent just pure understadning. I think you shoudl strike up a closer bond and friendship with him.

    I am getting the feeling that if you allow yourself to be confident with this person as your friend some of your 'frigidity' would cease.

    i know this ia strange question but..where you possibly victimized int hat way when you were younger? I was a rape victim when I was 14...we kind of sense our own in that aspect..I am just getting a starnge feeling that somwhere in your life there was a reason.

    I think he is diffently someone from your past life I have to agree. It woudl be a good thing to have his friendship he may help you opne up more to intamcay without having sexual realtions or any strings attached. My gut is telling me he will probably be there for you soully as a friend.

    Hope this helped 🙂

  • I also just have to say, each to their own opinion, BUT I do believe it matters who we were and met in our past lives. We continue to live over and over the lessons untill we learn them. History repeats itself.

    Sometimes it takes several lives in order to learn something.

    Adn Chris fear is a strong emotion, do not stay in this marriage if you are not happy. You NEED to be happy and you need to have someone who is supportive of your happiness.

    Blessed be~

  • Thanks DragonFly. Your post made a lot of sense and what you say here, I feel myself. This poor fellow has had some sh*t go on in his own romantic life and I really do think we may just come together in time and simply BE together in some way that is fulfilling for both of us. Fear is a ruling factor for me at the moment as I've no real personal independence, ie, no job, no financial security of my own, and a 15 year old daughter. So, it is a dilemma but one which I know I have to deal with once and for all.

    I just hope this works out and works out soon. I can honestly tell you, if I were in a better position circumstantially I would simply LEAVE. This is what upsets me the most at the moment; that I don't have that real freedom of choice. Ah well ...

    Thanks so much fo ryour insights here DF (and everyone else) they make much sense to me 🙂

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