What does my future hold with this connection

  • regarding career, health money

  • I get these messages for you:

    Firstly, I'm getting a male energy from you. Is the male energy yourself, or is there a male around you who is rather dictatorial and borders on aggressive?

    As to other questions:

    Advancement in career with some stiff competition in your way; make sure you study and prepare well. Are you working in some sort of financial or legal arena? I see you in a suit of dark colour, and a very crisp, white shirt. There are legal and financial influences surrounding you - maybe you are, or will be, working amongst conveyancing of some sort or even taking on divorce cases or similar. If none of this makes sense, please don't mind me - am merely popping out what ... er, pops out!!

    I'm getting some sort of stifling or smothering in your health area. Do you smoke? If so, cut it down or out as soon as possible. I'm also getting a sort of heaviness around your heart area. To correct this, you need to do some work to release old hurts and pent up emotions. In other words, let yourself cry for once. Tears are, after all, liquid love and it's okay for guys to cry 🙂

    Money. Hmm, you will be quite prosperous although you're in the middle of some financial crisis at the moment. You need to re-organise your budget; prioritise your spending and get real with some of that excess expenditure 🙂 I'm seeing that in three years or so, you will be sitting pretty so long as you do the necessary groundwork now. There is something you are holding or more like clutching on to which you should sell which will bring in some necessary cash flow. Is it an old family home? Let it go whatever it is; it is clogging up and blocking your financial success. And the souls who gave it to you/bequeathed it to you will be happy you took the plunge at last 🙂

    Hope this helps you!

  • Hi Chris thanks for the input. I am a female. you said you feel a male present.. Well there are a few who think they can control me in someway. I don't let anyway control me and I am independent and since I left my marriage 10 year ago and still not divorced. Financial reasons. I have struggled financially and nothing but bad luck ever since. But I take one day at a time and try my best to stay focused , in my career, etc. And whatever life puts in my path along the way I do my best to get through it all and not let good or bad get me down. Sometimes I just have to be alone to gather my senses and focus on my priorities so I can keep moving forward and not look back at my past. Anyway thanks again for responding It gave me some prospective on what I need to change inorder to move forward .

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