Please, I need a reading...

  • hi,

    i am concerned about my future, as i am reaching closure regarding some negative situations and would love to hear if things will get better.

    basically, i am wondering if i will ever, or finally, be at peace. and if i will ever find another love like the one i just lost.

    my birthdte is 01/17/1968.

    i truly appreciate this and thank everyone from the bottom of my heart!



  • Hello laylo68...

    I just did a 6 card reading for you considering new relationship potential:

    1. 6 of Wands

    2. Page of Cups

    3. Queen of Swords

    4. Queen of Wands

    5. King of Wands

    6. Outcome: King of Swords

    Firstly, I'd like to say with the 6 of wands in the initial place, potential for new romance is definitely there for you. You will find romance when YOU decide it is right for you. Even if you went through negative phases, you are a woman who is very much in control of her own romantic fate. (Capricorn!)

    The second place shows the astrological element of your next mate/romantic interest and as the Page of Cups is there, I'd imagine you are going to become enamored with a water sign person: Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer.

    You will find yourself compatible with this person through intellectual pursuits. At first, the relationship might not seem overtly physical, but as it grows, this person will start to feel more and more closer to you.

    Whether or not this relationship will last for an extremely long time is questionable, but this person will make you feel very attractive and he will want to be with you because he sees in you what he is unable to find in other women. He will make you feel extremely good about yourself.

    I see you eventually being with your soulmate and he is going to come into your life. You will be with a man who is powerful and strong, who gives you a sense of stability, but is also a free-spirit and knows how to enjoy himself.

    The outcome is a relationship that may go through twists and turns, but one that will be based upon loyalty and mutual affection. You may not have a completely passionate union at first, but as time progresses you will find a love that you can rely upon.

    Hope that helps you out! Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Best wishes,


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