Need to know which one is a spirit guide

  • I have been seeing quite a few spirits in the last 2 months. They didn't appear together and we usually had a few minutes of 'eye' contact before they disappeared. I have been trying to connect with a spirit guide. Is it possible that someone has more than one guides? If so, how to find them among spirits? I don't think all spirits that I have seen are my guides, but I felt that at least 2 of them are. But if they are my guides, shouldn't they say something to me? If they don't, does it mean they are not my guides and I still have to look? Any tips will be appreciated.

  • Seeing spirits does not necessarily mean they are your guides.

    Spirit guides come to you. You need do nothing to find them. They find you. When they do, you will see things happen as if by coincidence. They are pointing the way for you to go in order for you to complete your lessons and lead you to greater achievement.

    One way to enhance your spirituality is to meditate on the Tao. Each verse is written like poetry, and in it are the secrets to living a more balance life, lifting your spirituality to a higher plane and will help you make progress. Many blessings on your journey of self-discovery.

  • I see. I'm really curious to find my own spirit guide I am gonna have to do more meditation

  • My Dad has 4 Guides, they are a group of 5 people who are always together and currently my Dad is the only one on this plane.

  • I hope at least I have one guide.

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