Would anyone care to give me a romance reading?

  • Hi there!

    I'm a Gemini girl and I'm currently VERY single. I was wondering about the prospects for a new relationship. If anyone is willing to help me out, I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks.

    Best wishes,


  • I think that there is a man waiting for you. A man who also has been alone and feels very single. This man is going to feel quite satisfied with you, except from one very important quality that I think that I feel that you have: Are you critisising yourself, as in: I am too"..", I am not attractive enough, I am not good enough... If you are contemplating on these feelings about yourself, this is in fact the one thing that is making you stay alone.

    The more you welcome love to yourself, the more you are attracting this person into your life. This good man that is waiting for you. It will be tiring for him to see how you critisise yourself, even if you dont speak it out loudly he will feel it till you let that selfcritic go out of your mind and body.

    I am just telling you what I feel when I read your text, it could be that I am wrong. You know best yourself if I am telling the truth or just my own imagination. I think there is a lot of imagination in me, so probably what I am saying is imagination. But I feel this when I read your text, and my intuition has been an important help for me in my life. Clarvoiant people (who take charge for telling the vibes they get) has often told me that I am clarvoiant myself, but that I dont realise it properly.

    But I feel it will take some time before this man comes in your life.

    Please tell me if I am talking rubbish. I hope I will not be banned for just writing what I am feeling and thinking. Forgive me if I have offended you in any way. It is just my mind, I am only saying my mind if it is okay.

  • Thank you very much for that, Hanged Woman! I actually was reading what you wrote and that seems very spot-on. Actually, I dated someone for a while who told me once that he found it exhausting to be with me because he felt I was way too hard on myself and very negative about things, that I always seemed very pessimistic about what I looked like and accused him of not being that interested in me. I know sometimes I am very hard on myself, especially when it comes to romance. I find myself thinking one day when I'm thinner or more successful or I do this or that- then I'll be with the right guy.

    Instead, I know that I need to embrace the present more and try to make myself more available to someone who is open to being in a mutually loving relationship. Do you have anymore information about the men around me, maybe? I have a crush on a Virgo man, but I don't think he feels the same.

    Thank you very much for writing that! It helped me very much and I do in fact think your intuition is quite spot-on.

    Best wishes,


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