Sun Cap/ Moon Cancer/ Asc Aries X3

  • I dont about u guys but my combination of signs is pretty weird n i dont understand even myself. Can you please help me out by telling me what all this combination is about? And would i have any chance with an Aquarious that I like?

  • I would like to know if a relationship with an Aquarius will work out. All help will be very much appreciated. Plz help me out 😄 THANK YOU VERY MUCH XD

    My Planets and Houses:

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Cancer

    Asc: Aries

    Mercury: Sagittarius

    Venus: Capricorn

    Mars: Taurus

    Jupiter: Leo

    Saturn: Capricorn

    Uranus: Capricorn

    Neptune: Capricorn

    Pluto: Scorpio

    Lilith: Sagittarius

    Asc node: Capricorn

    II: Taurus

    III: Gemini

    IV: Cancer

    V: Cancer

    VI: Leo

    VII: Libra

    VIII: Scorpio

    IX: Sagittarius

    Midheaven: Capricorn

    XI: Capricorn

    XII: Aquarius

    Planets In Houses:

    Sun: In Midnheaven

    Moon: In IV

    Mercury: In IX

    Venus: In Midheaven

    Mars: In II

    Jupiter: In V

    Saturn: In Midheaven

    Uranus: In Midheaven

    Neptune: In Midheaven

    Pluto: In VIII

    Lilith: In IX

    Asc node: In XI

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