• I would love to know what feelings everybody gets out there, because I wonder if there is some sort of blockage on me in light of the difficulties of the heart I have encountered. Thank you for considering my question.

  • We are all cursed.. from the beginning! Look at creation?? But we don't have to stay that way, or let it dominate our lives. Recognize the problem, and do your level best to overcome obstructions in your path to your hearts desires.. curses are sort of self-inflicted, you get me??? Anything has only the power over you that YOU give it! Get it??

  • No, I think your fine.

  • I agree with July4thBaby.

    When I was 14, I had a conversation with my dad about love etc; He always wanted me to get married and have a family, the way life should be. But I always longed for a son, so I kind of self predicted that I would be on my own when he finally arrived.

    Well arrive he did when I was 33 and as I had predicted, not only once but twice before, I was on my own.

    If someone asked me what kind of men do I attract, I would have to say other women's. The funniest were the ones that swore to me that they were single, only for me to find out that not only were they attached, but their girlfriend was heavily pregnant!

    When I was in my early 20's, I worked with a girl whose uncle was in his 70's and a very good psychic medium. One evening after attending a spiritual meeting, he started to laugh and asked my why I hadn't (gone back), as by now I should have been married with at least 3 kids!

    I knew exactly what he was referring to.When I was 17 my friend and I went to a concert, and one of the guys on stage and I just couldn't take our eyes off each other. As the night was ending, the lead singer and this guy( who incidentally before that night I never really noticed) pointed at me. Well all at once I got cold feet! Never an autograph hunter and not that star struck, I just looked at him and watched his cute little face crumble, as the enthusiastic smile that he'd worn all evening turned into a look of disbelief.

    So, did I curse myself all those years ago? I think I did. But my son is a natural medium so maybe he was meant to come first, and I wouldn't change him for all the tea in China!

    Ask the Angels for guidance. I always get lines from songs put into my head and they are always accurate.

    Self belief is one of the most potent tools of the Universe. You can and you will find love.

    Hope my story helps you Anafaith. Take care

  • you are all slightly off - someone can curse you very easliy and if you are not aware of how to protect yourself, can create havoc in your life and destiny.

    I was cursed and it has been 6 years of hell on earth!

    She is a sick sick psychopath and looped many many people into her circle or hatred to me!

    My destiny is gone, destroyed and I must move on.

    You have to bring yourself very close to God and anyone pure spiritual and made of Love Energy.

    It can take a long long time or healing praying, cleansing, to remove a curse especially if they continue to curse you again and again, they bring evil in, especially ones who study for all their lives and become strong Yogi's etc. It has been studied many many times

    You cannot create your own life just by thoughts, the secret is a load of crap to give bad people an excuse in life for using and abusing others then calling it karma or that your own thoughts created it. This is EVIL

  • I have felt this way for years. My whole adult life has been a living "****" Someone somewhere has cursed me and I wish I could stop it. It would take a book to explain all the bad things happening in my life. I try not to dwell on it, but there is no way I can stop it. My life has been ruined and I hope who ever has done this to me is happy. I am always so sad and when something good does happen, its only for a split second and whossh its gone. If anyone has an answer for me please let me know.

  • i agree with silvermoon, I had the same thing to me and didnt realize what was happening. I thought I was going insane. I even had an experience that I wont go into detail because it was too horrifying but it involved a demon. I have always been a rational thinker and a strong person so I thought if I told people what was happening they wouldnt believe me or think I was schizophrenic. I did nothing to deserve what was happening. I hit a real low point and decided to take action. i started calling local psychics and the 3rd one I called said You are so lost I can hear it in your voice and I made an appointment with her. She held my hand and started telling me everything that had been happening with me and my innermost thoughts that I had never shared with anyone. Someone had done evil spiritual things to me and I knew right away who it was. This woman helped me through the whole thing for 2 years I was fighting hard to get my life back and this evil woman continued trying to hurt me and from time to time I have to fight again. Now I feel much stronger and I understand why things are going unusually bad when they do but sometimes its just life and its not anything spiritual. I found someone who knows what she is doing and now she is like my sister. This can get better for you. Try to find someone who knows what they are doing but be careful because there are alot of poeple out there that just want to take advantage and will claim to know how to help when they really just want your money. Things will never be the same for me but I have never had so much faith either. God can turn anything bad around and turn it into something to your benefit. Stay strong and dont let negative energy have its way with you. Fight it as hard as you can. There are things you can do to show you mean business such as spiritual fasting meaning sacrificing things for a few days at a time like giving up red meat, s ex, chocholate, ect. Spend time praying and meditating on positive energy, buy some real frankencense and use it all over your house. When overwhelming emotions start to set in stand up for yourself and go outside and pick up a stone and imagine all the negativity into that stone and throw it behind you as you walk away. Find other people who are willing to pray for you. Do not accept this evil to take over your life. Do not make a deal with evil either because you are tired of fighting. You can turn this around but be patient with yourself and trust that God will see you through this. Try to recognize when the spirits are testing any progress you are making. I feel for both of you I know how damaging this can be and you are not alone.

  • I read your comment so I tried by sending an email to Holistic Solutions Cosmic Support. Huh !

    I recieved a reply and it confirmed that I was a total mess. But they could fix it in time and it would only cost me 300. USD He was from India. Ok, First, if I had 300 USD I would spend it on bills. Now I think he has probably cursed me as well because I couldn't afford his offer. So whats with this? I am about to give up on it all and just continue to suffer in silence.

  • Jenurse if you want to change this you have to come up with the money. I have spent rediculous amounts of money too buy candles insense and oils, blah blah blah. I took out extra loans that I am still paying for. I sould never tell my friends and family because they would think I was scammed. Some poeple do scam others like that but I KNOW I did the right thing. The proof is in the pudding. I begged and borrowed from everywhere. It was by no means easy. Everything in the world was trying to stop me from getting the help I needed. In the grand scheme of things 300 is nothing. I am poor too. I have 3 kids and no money but I made it happen. This stuff that was happening almost took my life and my soulmates life. but that is a whole nother story. Best of luck to you. You must find a way to break this in your life.

  • OH my goodness,

    I'm reading all these posts- with a heavy heart....

    I myself thought i was going Crazy, I too felt i was cursed, but that all changed, when i met my cousin after a very long absense, She introduced me to the ways of the Mystics Natural Healing, precious Stones, meditations, and so on... from there it took me to a metaphysical shop, that appeared out of nowhere, literally a Wrong turn & there it was. My Cousin wanted to shop there for some Wiccan material .. books cards etc.... there i was, in this room, a lady, very mystical looking , as thought she could read my thoughts, i went over to have a seat, there she was & we startedto chit chat, & from there, it took me to a place of healing, it turns out she is a Medium a healer, and what she saw was a dark entity, that somehow i absorbed from another....

    this enity found me as it's next host, and I not knowing it absorbed its energy,

    the Crazy thoughts & the disconnections of all things in my life.. made me feel like i was Def. cursed... But it wasn't that at all, no such thing as another having such power or possession,

    I do believe though- that we can surrenderor give up our own gifts - & that is truly a crime of the spirit, knowing that another has your precious gifts, it's like walking naked in a busy street, where everyone can see right through you.....YIKES...

    that is the only BAD, thing -That we as spiritual beings, allow other's to manipulate our good intentions, We give up our own gift's (powers) BC we do not know any better---

    From that day when This beautiful spiritual Indian w oman cleanedout my spirit & drew out this dark entity, my life has improved, I am more attuned to my Angels AA & Ascended Masters...

    I also awkened to the Empath & Intuitive gifts, though i am not used to the this new energy of other's pain, i know that i need to send love & healing light to that energy,

    I recieve messages Via names & numbers, once i understand these messages i meditate & i let go of whatever neg, is in me to See more clearly of what i need to be doing for the good cause of healing other's & myself......

    I beg to you all who are suffering such deep pain, to first look within, and heal whatever past hurt or wound, that you might not have resolved, this energy will not go away unless you confirm it & let it go & heal it with love & light,

    What i came to understand,

    is this -- that when we grow we learn & we become more aware to our spiritual Light,

    This also help our Angels to grow in their light, I thought that this was such a wonderful thing to happen, We all help each other, Even our Angels benefit .. How cool is that... 🙂

    Listen, please rid the thoughts of CURSES. or Hexes... they do not exist, unless you put energy to that - remember that we can manifest anyimage or thought into our reality,





    The Mind will create that thought visible & it becomes Believable, to those with less fate,

    please be careful of how you use thoughts, & do not succome to the ways of FEARS & CURSES unless you are willing to accept it as a curse entity,

    we control our lives & our thoughts,, no can own that no one can possess that ...

    i wish you all peace light love & spiritual wellbeing ...

    meditate - meditate-- meditate-- draw in the angels & the light

    xox mille 🙂

  • Amen to that!

  • Mille I like your point of view girly!


    I am grateful that you understand, this bringsme much Joy,

    I'm here for you, & i wish to help or offer whatever good light there is for all things in life....

    I am Happy & excited that my Post was read, & i so appreciate you all for the Acceptence & approval.... YAAAAAY.....

    Love to you all

    Enjoy Today.. ( L)( L)

    I actually See the Sun ..Woooooohoooooo ...End to Clouds or Rain.... heheheee




    Mille 🙂 🙂

  • Hi, To the original post--You have to be careful who you let into your life, romantically or otherwise. I can relate to what silvermoon is saying. I have found in my personal dealings that you have to totally believe in yourself and capabilities. If you're a soft spoken person that's fine but don't be afraid to defend yourself in whatever situation. A lot of people lack respect in general. I can usually tell early on when meeting someone. These people don't listen, form opinions and accuse. You have to go thru a lot of frogs. I wish it was easier but it isn't.

  • Mille: I'm not sure that I'm reading your thoughts correctly on the stigmata so I thought that I would relate what I know about it. Padre Pio is a well-known stigmatist. It is thought that Audrey Santo is suffering the stigmata or wounds of Christ. This is not a self-inflicted condition. For example, in the case of Audrey Santo, it is believed that her suffering is redemptive therefore making her a victim soul. Same for Padre Pio. Catholics believe that suffering can be redemptive. More so if the person is devoted to a life of prayer and sacrifice etc. Miracles have been associated w/ Padre Pio and Audrey Santo.

  • I don't believe I am cursed. I do believe that I have tons of people who bring negative energy into my life and that affects my balance. I believe there are 3 women in my life who are envious and just in general negative people. Its something so hard to combat these are other people beyond your control. I had two female relatives during my relationship with my ex would call everyday to find out details. My ex was very romantic and used to do everything to make me happy and I believe they were envious of that, since we broke up they havent called me or stopped by since. And not only that one cousin I said to her oh I am broke I can't go out tonight I am broke and she seemed thrilled by this and in general I am so tired of people like this. I had tons of friends like this. I have been slowly cutting them out of my life since last year. I havent seen any improvement yet. Does anyone know how to balance positive and negative energy because i cant seem to get rid of it

  • For Dalia,

    I have a difficult time with accepting, earthly karmic religious beliefs -

    Esp. Stigmatas, BC we are all spiritual / human beingwho are able to manifest every possible & visible manifestations, under the Sun.....& not under the ( SON / Christ )

    that has nothing to do with the shedding of ones Blood to prove a point.....


    We those who are devout & follow the beliefs of Jesus will continue to manifest what th have been fed to believe is Holy Christ like & Miraclous-

    Yes i know of Padri Pio- means nothing to me, he was Glorified BC he bleed, So many followers saw this as a blessing & annointment -

    the many Millions who pilgrimaed to be blessed & cure by the touch of Padri Pio

    only a hand full were actullly cured of whatever aliment sickness

    For such a Holy man - ( Padri ) why hasn't there been many healed -

    The same goes for- The miracle in >lourdes < many millions pilgrimage there for the healing Waters... but studies shows only a few have had some form of healing- though many make this visit & spend thousands to be cured....

    I like to understand, that if many people are this faithful & believe- in miracles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wouldn't the World be experincing alot more Miracles...

    why haven't we heard of thes so called Padri Pio Miracles...& or his healing... MY mom & her friends Pilgrimage and go to these Saintly retreats in hopes ot receive his Blessings..

    What comes to mind is Edgar Cayce- a Visionary Healer through his sleep - he was able to see sickness & the cure of that sickness & disease- he himself was able to heal himself- Edgar Cayce also invented the healing method to heal broken bones With tiny screws & pins to keep the bones in place-- Edgar should then be cantanized a Saint- for the healingpowers he's pssessed in his life...he proved himself over & over the thouands of people he has healed -- !!!!!!

    We do not Need a Saint nor some Miracle to prove anything....Esp. those who try to convince it's a Godly Holy Miracle....

    ......I believe we can all heal & possess these healing gifts-

    Before Jesus,and before all the Ascended Masters & spiritual teachers who came to Earth to guide us - Do you suppose God was visible to the perople of the Earth.....!!!!

  • Jenurse - stop being so angry! Slowly you have to become strong and forgive, remember vibrations you will allow more evil to grow if you cannot stop yourself from being so hurt and angry. If you search on the web for free reiki healing, free miracle prayers etc. use every site you can get as many people around the world praying for you as possible. Remember God said whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name and you pray your prayers will be answered ask and you shall recieve. Learn to place Gods shield around you to protect all negative evil energy and allow only high virational positive energy in. Believe me I have been attacked so much in past 6 years, most people are astounded that I have survived and am rebuilding my live again. My beauty is even returning in spit of the repeated poisonings and attempt to cripple me! As you know Gemini's tend to stay young healthy and beautiful.

  • Read my comment to Jennurse and use those methods keep searching, I have done everything, churches, christian healers, distance healers qigong healers, reiki healers, yoga, meditation, music chants, crystals, prayers and more and more prayers above all learn protection!

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