Is there a future with M! Please all tarot reader help me

  • I want to know if there is love future with M so I did the time line: please help with its meaning:

    history: 2 of cups recent events: 6 of wands tpresent: 7 of swords

    near future:Knight of swords far future : Judgement

  • Hi Mariame,

    Based on my interpretation of your cards it looks like you two will have a relationship but something will happen to make you two split. He will ask for a second chance but it will be up to you to forgive him.

    History: 2 of Cups

    Harmony and unity. Two souls entwined for a common purpose.

    Recent events: 6 of Wands

    There is triumph. You have won his affections.

    Present: 7 of Swords

    One of you is being evasive about an issue.

    Near future: Knight of Swords

    Something is going to happen very quickly that will change the situation.

    One of you will leave the relationship.

    Far future: Judgment

    Forgiveness is needed for a second chance.

    Blessed be,

    Lady Marian

  • Hi-

    the way I see it is despite the love in the past- there is judgment- meaning one of you will not forgive the other.

    i do not see a second chance.. and in the present is cheating and lying.

    If I were you I would just say: "Next" this one is over.

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