Meaning of 74

  • Hi,

    A friend of mine keep seeing number 74 everywhere and wondering what does it mean?


  • i really don't know but in numberology is would be a 3 maybe that will mean something!!

    best wishes

  • i'm sorry told u wrong--in numerology it is a 2--you always reduce to a single number

    7+4=11 1+1==2

    lo don't know why i put 3 up there sorry

  • When calculating personal numbers, such as the life path, destiny, or soul number, 11's are not reduced to the single digit (2). This is a master number (as are 22 and 33). It suggests great potential, refined intuition, and advanced spitituality are at work alongside the more general characteristics of the single-digit '2' (balance, cooperation, communication, etc.).

    A great many people report seeing the number "11:11" frequently. No one really knows what this means, but one common interpretation is that these sightings indicate humanity is fast approaching a more enlightened age than this one.

    Perhaps your friend also senses such a change, but not as directly as those who recognize and notice 11:11.

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