Things I cant change , that agrivate me to no end.

  • When i see someone in my immediate family doing things that go against everything we have ever learned. And when I Ask about it, I get yelled at. What do I do? ROLA12

  • RO...

    Welcome to my world... and you just forget about it, and continue to lead you r life as you are... theirs will come to them in good time,...or not, YOU DO YOU?? Feel Me?

  • I learned a very good lesson a long time ago. Your post says it all, "Things you cannot change", you just have to learn what those things are and stop allowing them to aggrivate you. remember, we have to live with ourselves, manage ourselves, and behave ourselves. Just because someone is doing something you don't agree with does not make it wrong, it's the end result that matters.

  • Hi, There are things that you can not change. I don't think there is anything wrong with telling or talking w/someone if they need it. I would leave it at that. At least you said something. I'm not surprised at their response and you shouldn't be either. That's a typical response so don't worry about it. I think a lot are predisposed to certain behavior. We kinda get a mix (genetically so) when we are born. I heard a talk about sin and it's origins. The speaker was saying that he thought the root cause was ME, ME, ME.

  • What you can not control, you must let go of. When you let go of it in the right way, it does not get in your way.

    Remember also that this is what it means in the Bible when it says: "Leave the sinners."

    This does not necesseraly mean physically. But that you somehow let go of them in your feelings. Not let go of with hatred or anger. But just to leave them in your mind. In such a way that you say: Heaven, let me surrender this person to you. This person is not my responsability. As long as you have done your best to correct this persons behaviour by good advice, there is not much else to do.

    This is about letting go of your need to feel that you have to do something. When you emotionally have dispatched yourself from this persons wrong actions and wrong feelings, you yourself can feel free from the feeling of dispair over not being able to controll everything.

    This is about how much control you really can have over another person. The feeling of having to do something to change this person is making you uneasy and feeling bad. But you must accept that there is nothing you can do.

    So if you say to Heaven: "I surrender this person totally to you. I surrender all illusion of control over this person to you." It will help you. This is to help you to feel at peace even when you meet this person.

    In this way you may be an example to this person of someone who is free in the inner feeling in stead of angry or something else. It can make this person trust you and it can inspire this person to change his/her own actions to follow your example.

    But you must surrender all illusion of control for yourself, not for anyone else. But if you want to help this person in becoming a better person, this is also my best advice.

    Good luck in your life and in your family relations.

  • the person is rebelling. When you say something, they feel you are judging them. Sometimes there is no logical reason, to you why they do what they are doing. Sometimes people have lost faith in the teachings of a person because they saw that person do something wrong and then they felt that person was a hypocrit. My father would never step into a church after the age of 10. his family went to church faithfully. My mom was the first person he told, 20 years later. He saw the Minister having relations with one of the married women of the church. When he died, he believed in Jehovah but, he was afraid of him and angry so, he didn't want cross over. It took a lot of prayer and the spirit of his grand daughter, to convince him to cross over.

    We are living in the last days and the Devil's collecting souls. Pray for them and pray for you. If this is aggravating you and making you feel disgruntled, the devil's working on you too. Sometimes people need to experience life in order to come back to Jehovah stronger and more assured that HE truly is the only way.. And then there are some that just need to witness it in others lives to become stronger in their belief. I had to experience to gain my strength.. Just know Jehovah's working your family members and he has a purpose for what they are going through, there is a purpose for yours too. He is the way and the light and all things can be obtained through him.

  • Im writing this to thank all of you for caring enough to take your time to give me some insight into my situation,from another perspective. Our creator does let us go thrugh things to heip us learn. But i think this is more serious than some of you know . I sure do thank you for your prayers. Someone said a prayer or a curse ,, once utterd,stays forever. I send a prayer to all of you that Our CREATOR WILL GRANT EACH OF YOU A MIRACLE . But I have a special reply to JULY 4th BABY,. I did feel you!!! You appeared to know where im coming from exactly. I havent cried in a long time,this time I had to get hold of my self.I havent connected with anyone so clearly in several years. You are right,I may not be able to change a lot now,but it aint over till its over. I shure wish i could talk to you on the phone or something.I think you could answer a lot of my questions.You are the first person i have felt that could. ROLA12

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