How to tell time with tarot

  • Hi guys,

    Does anyone know how to tell time with tarot? I know we can do a time based spread (a card representing a week ahed,for example). When it comes to general readings though, I know some readers can pick up on time frames when likely events can occur. How is this done? Does the 9 of swords mean 9 days? And how do know if it's days, months, years...are there card combinations that are revealing of time?


  • The 2, 3, 7 and 9 are timing cards.

    The important thing to know about Tarot is that a typical Celtic Spread will generally inform you of what is going on prior to the "event" before it gives a realistic response. For example, if you receive a timing card before a Major Arcana, this is a minor conjunction and shows a new beginning. The Major Arcana card will clarify how this change will come about afterwards.

    If you receive more than one timing card in the same reading, it is an additional layer you will need to examine separately from the spread. When a Major Arcana card appears before the timing card, it shows the end of a cycle. The cards that follow will indicate the path you are likely to take.

    To receive the best results, always, always, ALWAYS read the remainder of the cards in the upright position to receive guidance on the best possible outcome.

  • Sorry, I forgot to clarify what I meant about the 2's and so forth. It is never years or months.

    Tarot readings are typically within a set amount of time, and the maximum normally runs about 6 months.

    The cards themselves should reveal the general pattern. 7's show that a decision will have to be made and 9's show endings, usually within 3 months. Remember that numerology in Tarot is of paramount importance in order to achieve the best results. The cups, wands, swords and pentacles each have their own meaning. It is more like uncovering the layers of an onion when doing Tarot.

    Only 1 and 3 card spreads are simplistic. A one card spread is good for a general daily reading and will show the environment in which you will be operating. A reversed card in this position does not always mean it is negative. 5's for example are negative in the upright position, but in reverse, they are positive.

    Try to do some research on numerology in addition to mastering the meanings of both upright and reversed cards. Doing so will help you know at a glance (intuitively knowing) whether or not the timing factor can be answered in the way the question was worded.

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