Astrology and Colors

  • Curious. Is there a major difference between the colors normally associated with each of the astrological signs and Feng Shui? In other words, does Feng Shui provide colors that attractive to each of the astrological signs? Is there anyone who can provide me with the colors of Feng Shui associated with the astrological signs?

  • Are you wanting to know the colors of each of the twelve houses?

  • Hi redwicdonna, I would like to know. Thanks for the info sharing.

  • feng shui is not like astrology. so no, it doesn't work the same.

    feng shui is about energy flow, astrology is about personality.

    it doesn't work the same way but it won't go against astrology because we are all are forms of energy. it might help if you provide astology information to a feng shui practitioner, but the primary view will be on energy that is circulating your home, work, land and in your life

  • I am interested in the colors of the twelve houses.

  • I know a couple of good feng shui sites if you are still interested. but

    I can't post any link here unfortunately somehow admin always deletes them even if they are not emails. I know emails are not allowed but I never posted emails and I noticed some people still have their links up, not deleted, even if it is not links.

    so I hope you find or probably have found the info since this wa sposted in august

  • luv2laf-- the colors are associated with many different systems depending on what use is usually ascertained--Four pillars of Destiny- (from the question) is where I think you will find most of your answers. Common associations of color with the twelve houses are: Chinese Zodiac affiliations-(not necessarily astrological affiliations)-One tiger black,green,dk green-Two rabbit green,blue-Three dragon blue,green,pink,red,purple(light shades)-Four snake blue,green,pink,red,purple(dk shades)-Five horse red,pink-Six sheep/ram brown,red,pink(muddy shades)-Seven monkey brown,red,pink(muted shades)-Eight rooster/cock white-Nine dog white,gray,black(clean/crisp shades)-Ten pig white,gray,black(variegated/marbled) Eleven rat black-Twelve-ox black,green,dk green..!! As to the Zodiac (americanized) Aries-1st house-Red Taurus-2cd house-Pink Gemini-3rd house-yellow Cancer-4th house-silver grey Leo-5th house-gold Virgo-6th house-dark brown,green Libra-7th house-all shades of blue Scorpio-8th house-deep red Sagittarius-9th house-dark blue,purple Capricorn-10th house-black,dark grey,brown Aquarius-11th house-turquoise Pisces-12th house-sea-green. Hope this is what you were asking...Blessings Be.

  • PoeticMagic-- the colors used in feng shui are associated with the elemental expression;ie like fire is the element and therefore reds/oranges and even blue is its association--if in feng shui you throw the bagua or Pa Kua then the colors are associated with the gua-same as with eight mansions. Astrological calculations in feng shui are numerical; ie the Nine-star method or the Flying Star practices. The colors are not a calculation and therefore are not used except as a balancing method. Simple yin/yang. Each color does have a measurement and that is then what we call the shade; it is this shade of that color that depicts its yinness or yangness. Word of advice--do not mix methods...choose the one which is best for the application you are trying to apply. Hope this helps. Blessings Be.

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  • To redwicdonna, thank you sooo much for taking your time to answer my questions about the houses and the colors that represent them.Bless you as well.

  • Thank you very much for the information on colors. and for your time.

  • I, too, would be interested in the colors associated with the 12 houses. Rasberry

  • Hi,Leoscorpion and Redwiwicdonna, I am starting to study the info that you gave, thank you.

  • Hi rasberry, I have found some of the info that you may be looking for on the last page from redwicdonna or leoscorpion. Sorry redwicdonna I misspelled your name in the last post. Lola means love to you and yours rasberry.

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