Am I supposed to ask him please!!

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    There is a guy in very interested in. Were more aquaintences then friends (small talk) I think he's interested but very shy. I have read ebooks and seen the movie that guys like to pursue (ask a girl out) but lastnight a few friends told me I should just strike up a convo and ask him for coffee (something I have never done)

    I have done a spread before and I keep getting positive outcome cards (card 10) like 10 of cups or Ace of wands with 3 of wands...ect

    This morning after my friends suggested asking him out I did a celtic cross reading asking should I strike up a convo and ask him out, or should I trust he will ask me out. This was my spread. The outcome "seems" obvious..he's into me and i'll get my wish...but the knight and king of pentacles from reading meanings on the net some suggest warning against being impatient, while others adv being stuck in a "tried and true" method. So is it suggesting I need to wait, or telling me I have to try an new method and ask him out??

    Can someone help me break this down so I know how to proceed???

    Card 1 King of Wands

    Card 2 Page of Cups

    Card 3 Knight of Pent rev.

    Card 4 10 of wands rev.

    card 5 7 of pent

    Card 6 King of Pent rev.

    Card 7 3 of wands

    Card 8 Sun rev.

    Card 9 2 of cups

    Card 10 9 of cups

  • So, cards 1 to 3 are basically talking about your situation -you like a guy (king of wands) or, maybe you want to take action (king of wands, knight of pents rev) and do something you arent secure doing (knight of pent rv). 7 of pents talks about how you usually wait for someone to approach you, or perhaps wait till the situation is more obvious before you make a move (or this could mean not 100 percent sure what question you actually asked.) King of pent rv for the future means unstablity, maybe it's showing the risk your taking and how it makes you feel? Your environment is the sun reversed, you don't really know what to do...the right move is not clear to you. What you want is a relationship, and according to this the outcome is what you want.

    So, I don't think this spread actually gave you any real advice. I don't like celtic crosses for answering questions. Really, they are much better just to give you insight into a situation. All I'm really getting from this reading is that you are stepping out of your comfort zone by not waiting for him to do anything. I think all the reversed pentacle court cards just shows that you arent going to be patient and wait it out, you're just going to go for it, and that may make you feel unstable or insecure. Which makes sense...your taking a risk. The outcome looks good, though.

    The other thing, is that I dont know what your positions are. I'm going off of the celtic cross I use, but sometimes they have different positions. Next time, post what the positions are.

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