Girl friend trouble

  • My girlfriend had a friend come from out of towm she spent the whole weekend with her at her mothers house with out calling . when she did call she couldnt talk for doing what ever today she came home and changed her clothing and left again my problem is that before her friend came they talked on the phone fro 2200 min and text 4500 times sine july oh... by ther way she didnt get me anything for my birthday we went to the club she left me there and when i checked the phone records and she talked to her on the phone from the time that she left until 500am make me understand

  • i wanna ask you something..

    WHY on earth are u dating or even still talking to her?????

  • It does not seem that she is your girlfriend. I think you should let her go. You are better off with a girl who at all respects you and does not make you jelaus.

    If this is a friend that she has not seen for a long time, though, that could explain why she did not give you any attention while her friend was there. But I see you as a young couple and I dont think your relationship has anything to do with the real thing.

    If your relationship is filled with jealous feelings and conflicts, you should learn to let go and not try to possess her. That could make her treat you with disrespect.

  • Yeah, your girlfriend is trying to decide if she's going to move out. You forgot to tell us that before all this, you 2 had been fighting over stupid stuff and when you went to the Club, you had a fight there too. You checked the phone records, not to see how much she's been talking to her friend but, to see if she was calling a guy. her friend is not the issue. It's what happened back in June or July that made her start crying on her friends phone and prompted her friend to make a friend/counseling visit. You need to have a conversation with your live in girlfriend. You both need to listen to each other, not blame and, if your not willing or she's not willing to fix or compromise on some issues, be prepared for her to move out. Have to ask yourself, do you WANT to save your relationship? Don't get mad and act a fool if she wants to leave cause it seems like emotionally, she already has. but, her telling you what happened, is your lesson to be learned from your relationship. your young and there's more females then males out there. You'll find another just try not to make the same mistakes or pick the same kind of female.

  • Ur a Sag amle aren't you? Tsk tsk you need to be nicer. Sag males are known for being poopy and leaving out the important things and sometimes give the idea they are king of the castle without regards to feeling.

    Past Ex husband was a Sag. great guy dont get me worng but man did he forget quickly all the tings I did for him until I didnt have the time or want to do anything else becasue he was UNAPPRECIATETIVE.

    Maybe show her you appreciate her or she is feeling like you dont? Just ake a step back and try looking at her from ehr perspective. Try talking it out wiht her. 🙂

  • You are invading her privacy by checking her phone records. She is a person not your possesion. You are smothering her and playing detective instead of being her partner. You need to stop spying on her and be her man not parole officer. I personally would never put up with that. If I found out my boyfriend was checking my phone records I would give him a phone number to get counseling and show him the door. Respect her privacy and then maybe she will let you into her secret world a little more.


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