Captain, why am i a witch?

  • hi Captain i hope I find you doing excellent.

    I have this need to ask about this.

    a few card readers and one medium i visited to contact my brother, all have told me that im a whitch. my mom has told me I am and she is also (but Im not sute about her stability) Growing up i have seen old spirits, have felt angelic kids, a boy and a girl running around and a couple of months after that me and my sister in law both got pregnant, she had a boy and i had a girl. one day i was thinking to my self, if i have that ability, i want to contact my brother whom passed away, seconds i thought that i strongly felt a body come in to the room, strong presents just no body. OKAY I WASNT READY FOR THAT

  • That is not a witch (a nature worshipper) but a psychic, as we all are. Calling someone a witch in that context is just superstition.

  • i understand Captain and i agree.

  • Captain I hope i didnt offend you. I said "witch" only because they (and maybe its a hispanic culteral thing) label it as a witch. they look at me and say "tu eres una bruja" and a few people suggest i should carry a pendant with me. I have trust in you and so i bring this up to you. Those other people are questionable.

    have a wonderful day Captain. I appreciate you.


  • No I wasn't offended.

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