Love and hurt

  • I just finished dating a guy that I have been with since January.. He stay in another state and at first things were good .. but he talks all the time .. made me feel as if something was wrong with me , I was bringing a lot of baggage, so he said .. I have my own home , Good job and 2 cars ... He would constantly find things wrong.. He always say I am under Stress u name it he brought it up..I paided to visit him and he came to my home , when he did not get his way .. He would leave ..He stay 10 hrs away and he would get In his car and sprint...Never giving a reason but I did not RESPECT him... What's a woman suppose to do ? This was a first time for me meeting anyone like him .. he is retired and if he would change he would be Perfect .. But I am riding Solo now ..Just had to vent

  • sounds like Narcissistic Personality Disorder traits. I'm just about done living with someone like this. They suck you dry and then since they have such high expectations and those expectations never get met-they flee to the next one. It is such an emotional roller coaster and while you are hurt, as I am right now, we all are better off without. If you can get past the hurt, which I'm trying to do and move on, then you will be much better off.

  • Hey find someone else if you want to be happy, you don't need him..

    Hugs from Debra

  • Wow, well, respect is key! Good for you for recognizing that. That and communication. Communication can be developed, but...respect is crucial. If I am not respected, and I don't respect him (what ever guy I am dating, marrying, making My submissive, etc.), I simply can't put myself through that.

    I'd say respect is even more crucial than attraction, physical attraction, that is. In my younger days, sure, I got involved based on "attraction" which led to some pretty empty, abusive, and or one-sided relationships. I grew up.... and I only get involved now with men I respect and who respect me on a very very deep level. If he is intelligent, has integrity, is doing something with his life, shares the same values I do, and is loyal, and willing to grow and communicate. He can look like Uncle Fester for all I care.

    Love is a great beautifier! Look for the man with whom you have mutual respect and values and intelligence, and the rest will take care of itself. Best wishes!

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