Any thoughts on 9 card Relationship Spread

  • Hey Everyone,

    Just wanting to know anyones thoughts on this spread i did.

    I used a 9 card relationship spread to shed some light on a potential new relationship.

    1. How you see the other person - 6 of cups

    2. How the other person sees you - Strength

    3. What you need - King of Swords

    4. What the other person needs - 6 of wands

    5. Where the relationship is now - King of wands

    6.Where you would like the relationship to go - Ace of Wands

    7. Where the other person would like the relationship to go - 7 of Wands

    8. Factors to be considered - 8 of Pentacles

    9. The end result - The Magician

    Thanks in advance for any responses!

  • There is alot of wands in your card. This suit symbolizes growth, action, creativity. I think alot of them showing up in your reading is symbolizing the beginnings or a firm foundation, but that you may have to work hard for it (8 of pentacles) but the Magician is a great final card. It stands for personal power having the tools needs to create what you want (the relationship)

  • So, from what I see, it looks like this guy really sees you as the bold initiator. For how he sees you, you got strength -lol it's pretty much how it sounds. You're patient, bold, but not overly aggressive. Also, for what he needs and where he wants it to go, it's the 6 and 7 of wands. Cards of success, of achieving goals after long battles, of gaining the upper ground in a situation. I don't know the background of your relationship with this guy (im assuming guy!) but it looks like he is eager for some kind of....lets say, completion of the stage your at. He wants things to advance! Maybe you guys are taking it very slowly, or at some kind of stalemate? With the factors to be considered as the 8 of pentacles, it's obvious you guys still have a lot of work to do. Or, maybe in order to advance to the stage you want, your going to have to work harder then you thought. In any case, the magician says take control and go where you want to go with the relationship! Lots of bold cards in this spread.

    As for what you need, the king of swords is interesting. Is the communication between you guys not that good? Maybe you need him to be a little more serious about things? Or, perhaps you need to take things more seriously? A little background info would be good 😄

  • Thanks Tonille77 & MariaRia!

    You both describe the situation really well.

    I met him a couple of weeks ago and we have seen each other out twice and met up during the day once. I'm keen and I think he's pretty keen, but as you said MariaRia the communication is not the best (most of it is by SMS, and i think i interpret them wrong sometimes and him as well).

    I think we are at a stalemate at the moment, I feel as if I have to initaite the communication all the time, so for the last week I haven't contacted him and he hasn't contacted me. Usually I would just let it go but when i met him I felt different as if we were destined to meet.

    Anyway I would like it to go further, but don't really know if I'm going to have to do all the work, maybe thats what the 8 of pentacles is suggesting. I just feel I need a bit more from him before i put in all the effort.

    Thanks again 🙂

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