Need understanding about something I have been seeing around me..

  • I'm not too sure if I am posting this in the right forum, but I will give it a shot and see if someone can help...

    About 3 1/2 years ago, my father died suddenly of heart failure without any warning (about a week before Christmas, 3 weeks before my birthday.. I was 18 at the time) and has obviously left me with a lot of personal grief. Getting over his death has been incredibly hard, especially since I really don't have any other guidance in my life. I normally see something everyday that reminds me of him, but nothing else has happened to me as far as "paranormal activity" would go.

    Recently, however, his racing number (#67) has been showing up literally EVERYWHERE. Mostly at work, it seems that every other person I ring out has that number somewhere on their receipt, when I do the books at night, when I drive home, on my microwave.. I have been seeing this number at least a dozen times every day. At first, I thought I was just paying attention more to this particular number (since it does have such a significant meaning in my family), but I have noticed it before and it has never been this much.

    Is he somehow trying to contact me? Maybe trying to warn me? I'm pretty new to a lot of this, and have never personally experienced anything of this magnitude...

    Any and all insight would be fantastic.. Thank you!

  • Yes, I would say its a message -- just to say he's there, he loves you, and is watching out for you ;]

    Spirits of our loved ones communicate to us in all manner of ways, and this is his way :]

    Take note, too, whether you 'feel' him at those moments in some way too -- with my mother I was always felt a flush of warmth wash over me :] It was a good feeling and I always felt comforted, especially as they came at times of stress.

  • Dear Tribear:

    This is the channel he is using to let you know he knows what you have been going through. Your grief is being communicated throughout the spirit world, and the time has come for you to understand that he is in a good place and you have no more reason to cry. He will always be close to you.

    Sudden death can create feelings inside of you that surprise you. Feelings of shame, guilt, anger, blame and so forth are part of the normal grieving process. It is also normal to flip-flop between feeling one emotion one day and a totally different feeling the next day. The amount of time it takes for grief to play itself out is not set in stone.

    Acceptance only comes when you feel the time is right to let go of the pain and embrace the love between you. This is the one thing that will never, ever end.

  • I agree with everyone else said. It looks like he is trying to communicate with you, to at least let you know he is around. You need to learn to let him go. Your grief is inevitable but you also have to realize it is his time to go. His work is done on earth and he is now free of earthly problems. I communicated with my late father. He mentioned how his 'life' is now. He is now working with Angels, he can't tell me what his work is but it is about love that the world needs badly now. He was always a loving rather protective father to me. I know he will be a great worker for this purpose. Believe in your heart that death is not the end and that you are not separated from your loved ones who are deceased. Being free from physical mundane body, they can be around you anytime they want or when you need them. Open your third eye, you will receive messages and visions to help you connect with those beyond what your 5 senses can reach.

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