Torn between two great guys!!!! Help please!!!

  • I have been dating S for the last two years, he is sagitarius, and 44. Conservative, opionated, handsome and tall and smart and with money, and sex is great. I do believe his loves me. At the beginning of the year I met M successful HR guy, smart, tall handsome super great in bed. This relationship has progressively grown into more than causal sex. He is cancer and 41. Im 40 and gemini.

    I am deeply attracted to both I managed my time so I can see both. I feel that I need to make a decision. One (S) is arrogant the other (M) sweet, loves what I do and has done work for my organization. I day dream about both all time. they control my love world

    All advise is welcomed. Im completely torn I care deeply for both.

  • Do they know about each other? Why do you have to make a decision about them both at this time? Before you fall asleep at night, ask who is the best relationship for me? Or however you ask the universe. I would pick the one that loves me.

  • They move in totally different circles. It has become increasily difficult to date them since they are consuming emotionally and sexually. Sometimes, I bite my tongue so I wont say the wrong name. and you are right I dont have to make one right now. But is it wrong to date two guys?

  • In my opinion if you haven't made any promises are it's not a committed relationship. Then you are fine. Just keep asking for signs....if that is what you want is a committment at some point. Be sure to take time out for yourself. If they are consuming, make sure they leave some yourself. If you feel that you are servcing them or it's a job, take a step back and evaluate what you are doing.

  • Hello Mariame,

    I was browsing through here & came upoh your dilema. Just from help & acvice I have had myself. It is good to write down what it is that you would like in your life. Which of those men brings you the most happiness & which one will provide all that you both need as I am thinking this is for long term. Are either of these men ready to settle down?

    As reading sealaskaldy's responses, it is wise to protect yourself with the white light, look for signs, & ask the Univerese. Guaridian Angels, Spirit Guides to help answer your question & guide you for your decision. I would also suggest to you to have a cleansed rose quartz with your energies sent to it. In a book I have it says for Gemini, to find your one true love that pink tourmaline is the stone for you!

    I hope this helps you some.


  • Let's see now, you are dating S & M. Hmmm.... think of that what you will 😉 You obviously do like both arrogance and sweetness and your ideal guy has both. If you are seriously interested in a true love connection my advice is to let go of both gems. You must recognize that whatever you see in the other person is always a reflection of who you are and who you aspire to be. Figure out who you are, who you aspire to be and celebrate it. Then you can attract the One you are destined to have a true love connection with. You will meet him and recognize in him qualities of all your significant ex-lovers combined.

    Again, in order to find him along with the kind of love you desire, you must first close a door before this one opens. Wishing you a very worth while journey and an outcome that is fulfilling beyond your dreams.

  • vialactea and sparklin sould:

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. A lot has happened since I posted this post. Life by it self or destiny, have shown me the answer to the dilema I was in. I am no longer torned. One relationship ended for now and decided to remain friends. My relationship with S has grown over the weeks and continues to grow strong. There are lots of obsticles facing us. I m not sure what the outcome will be, now I dont want to know where it may lead but just want to enjoy being with him fully knowing that I risk lot and may not gain a lot, but the satisfaction of being loved by someone special as S worth it. I know he loves me and he loves I love him. I just sometimes wish we have meet in different circumstances.

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