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  • After 6 yrs in a relationship with high hopes and let downs, I've finally chosen to keep my distance with off and on man. My b-day is oct 31, 1968 and his is June 21, 1965. I feel like I have to give up, but my heart is broken. I don't get how he is so cold and indifferent. There is someone else in the picture who is only a very good friend, he is very interested in more than just friendship, his B-day is Sept 24th, 1965. What is best for me long term, hang on and wait it out a few months or move on and try something new before I ruin this opportunity too like I have for many years while trying so hard with Mr Cancer? Thank you so much for advice...patiently waiting

  • Thanks for offering a free reading. Like everyone else, I want to know if my unconventional relationship with A will prove fruitful.

  • Hi, I am currently in a job, which is great because so many people are unemployed. However, it is a limited term position. I am seeking a new job in the same company and have interviewed for an additional job. My one question: is the job I have recently interviewed for a likely/viable option for me?

    thank you.

  • Hey Ms Steno:

    thank you so much for offering these free readings...

    Right now, I am attracted to/communicating with/dating several different men: all of whom appeal to me for various reasons...I just need to know which is the true path???

    Who will provide me with the most happiness??

    Sorry if this is so vague!!! God Bless !!!

  • Hello Ms Steno.

    Thank you so much for generously offering a free reading.

    I'd like to know if my partner really does truly love me.

    We've been together 11 years (mostly very happy), and although I think he's very fond of me, I've never ever really felt he truly deeply loved me. He treats more as a best friend or companion, and while he's great to live with, it breaks my heart to think that all he sees me as is a companion. He has been married before - I have not.

    Thanking you in advance.

  • I lost my job in dec. When can I expect to find a new one and secondly should I sell my car or fix it up Thankyou so much. Thank you for doing a free reading for me MY money is really short right now.

  • ended a relationship with a Leo man in Aprl. We haven't talked since the end of June. We used to work together and I needed a old E mail address for work that he knew. I asked one the people who worked with us to ask him for it, if he saw him. That was a month ago. All of a sudden on Sept. 1st, I was shocked to his name on my E mal at home. He gave me the password, nothing else was said. I thanked him. He didn't have to give it to me, and it took a month to get a response. He could of told the other man at work what it was. Why do you think he E mailed me with the answer? Do you think he is trying to reconnect with me in some way without admitting it, or was he just being nice? Is there still a chance that he's still has feelings for me?


  • MsSteno,

    Can you explain to me why I'm stuck in this BAD LUCK ZONE?

    Is there maybe a deeper meening behind what I'm going through in my life now???

    I am slowly becoming exhausted:)

    Can you give me a clue..


  • Hello MsSteno , I would very much appreciate a Reading Please and Thank you .:O)

    I would like to know what's in the cards in regards to my Finances and my Life in General . I am totally stuck in all area's of my life , and constantly feel so dis-hearted and defeated . Is there any relief from it all ?

    Best Regards



  • Hi Baebae,

    I'd love it if you could pls do a reading for me. I have been trying to enter into a specific industry, and my battle to get my career off the ground is making me very tired. Will i ever be successful? Am i close?

    MAny thanks 🙂

  • Dear Ms. Steno,

    Thank you for giving us this gift of your time and ability.

    I would like to know when I will meet my divine right perfect mate to share my life with?

    My birthdate is 7-10-61 , born at 5:45pm Canandaigua New York.

    I am so ready to have a true friend, companion, lover & partner as a mate. Is there such a man out there in the Universe for me?

    Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.


  • Hi ms.steno

    Just need a bit of guidance...

    Recently split from my aqua man, im cancer...and yes i know this isnt one of the best combinations ever!...obviously i am very hurt and finding this split very hard to cope with... i have no contact with him now...my decision was to cut all ties otherwise we were gonna go round and round like we have been for the last 10months.... can anyone do a reading for me....? or give me some advice.... i cant help but wonder if he will change his mind once he realizes im gone....

    Sorry if this is all a bit vague...i dont want to give too much away about the ins and outs of our relationship as i want to see if you can connect with me and pick up on certain things....

  • MsSteno,

    Wow!! It seems like you have a great deal on your plate already. I would love a reading....when you have a free moment, of course. I am a female Aries with a Scorpio male and our relationship is extremely weird. We have been on and off for about 3yrs. now and his ex is still lingering around. He tells me he loves me but then turns around and totally acts weird when I say it too. What do i do??

    Desperately seeking advice,


  • I have reached a rough spot in my life (completely self-inflicted) and I am making changes. I want to know is the recent choice i made the correct one? and will the outcome be benificial romantically and financiall?? and guidance and help or reading is greatly appreciated.


  • plz do a reading for me n my ....... future, is he d one?

  • When I said, "Many Trees" as to the place where the seeker wishes to find communal acceptance and participation. Not Palm trees or a ocean beach. Trees like pine trees maybe a mountain lake type of thing. It may be somewhere you have been before. Like you seen listening to a song on your favorite record.

    Thought I would clairify that.

  • What! Nobody gunna tackle the Missing Chrystal Mystery!??

    Contact Rita Taylor at thebutterflyrainbowcenter.com

    She is an expert and then you can tell her what crystals they were.

    But I would tell you that maybe they "merged" 🙂

  • lol I havent seen one reply for this free reading from the reader. Am I miising something? LOL

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