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  • As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. I'd like to practice my Tarot reading skills and will do readings. I can answer questions about love, marriage, relationship, career and money or whatever you might need to know. Please ask only one question.

  • I have a question about a new love in my life. His name is Nicolas, I feel he is my soul mate. My question is will get togethr in real life and wil it turn out to be happy for us?

  • MS Steno,

    Will he come back or will he stay with his wife. I put a blog out the other day and asking for a reading.

  • hi,

    first, thank you for doing these readings!

    i am curious as to what the cards say regarding my future...more specifically, is there a meaningful relationship ahead? and will i be at peace in my life?

    thanx so very much!


  • Hi MsSteno! Firstly, thanks for the offer of doing practice readings. I have a question regarding my own future, which seems very unclear and the cards give me muddled responses. My question is: should I stay or should I go? Thanks!

  • I have a question Ms Steno,

    I've just been dumped by my ex fiance of 6 years. I'd like to know if he will come back to me.

    Thank you for your time and practice reading.

  • I am in desperate need of a reading on my love matter. He is cancer 6-22-73 I am Leo 8-1-74. All was so dreamy in the beginning I totally turned my life upside down to free myself to be his and he is sooo distant now and I am afraid he is going to dump me today and I think he's been majorly lying to me


  • I appreciate your free service.

    To explain my question first: I seek a life where I am a part of a spiritual group where we all surrender our selves and our lives to The Allmighty who created us and therefore always become cleansed and healed from our mistakes and also will become better servants in the world. I seek a highly spiritual life where I am surrounded by people who are my spiritual brothers and sisters and who worship God fully.

    I understand this sounds crazy. I am normal, but seek a closer relationship with God.

    My question is: Will I receive the spiritual life that I seek?

    Sorry the crazyness. But I truly believe that it is very possible.

    Thanks again.

  • I would love a reading. I have a former love on my mind constanly. I am, wondering will he contact me?

  • I would love to have a reading. Should I stay with my husband or go with my new lover? He's Cancer & I'm Scorpio.

    Thank you

  • Ms Steno

    Hi I am worried sick about my son , can you tell me how long he will be in prison on a drug charge? please help, thank you, llcw

  • hI

    many thanks for the offer of a reading, if you could help, i am in a bit of a quandary, lots of changes around me are they going to work out and will the self doubt I have at the moment pass.



  • maybe ms steno decided against this...:(

  • I would love a reading, I have been employed for a hospital for over 16 years this summer 2 supervisor positions became availble, I've applied to both, will I get one of them?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the offer. My question is about my next step in my career - I am feeling so lost and chaotic. Do I sacrifice what is being offered and pursue something that I think I'm not qualified for?

    Thank you.

  • Dear MS Steno,

    I am in a realationship but I think that my boyfriend

    is cheating on me.I need help.thank you

  • First off, Thank you for doing this.

    I have a 2 fold question for you.

    1. will I be getting a job soon? how long?

    2. will I see my grandchildren again soon?

    I am an aquarius my d.o.b. is 2/1/1961

  • Ms Steno...

    Thank you first off for the kind gift your offering. I would love for you to see what the cards unfold for me. Since I feel that there are so many different situations occurring in my life right now...I think that it would be best to just ask if I could have: a general insight into my present circumstances and what direction would be best for me follow and open my heart to ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Should I return to my ex husband or pursure a long time friend

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