A Scorpio who doesn't believe in love...

  • I am a cancer. He is a scorpio. We've taken things extreamly slow. We talked about four months before we actually started dating because he said he "wanted to make it work" in the longrun. When we actually start talking about our future he gets upset and..almost scared and refuses to talk about it. I have told him I loved him before, the first time he demanded I take it back, and I did. Now everytime I say it he ignores me or says "oh yeah?".

    He refuses to open himself up to me and theres a chance that he does love me but is afraid too. He has constantly been hurt by exs so I can understand a little bit. I have never hurt him, in fact I bend over backwords to make him happy.

    I just want to make sure this thickheadedness will someday end and he will eventually say he loves me.

  • I'm so sorry you've had to suffer for exes who abused his sensitive, kind nature. (I am a cancer girl who is with a scorpio guy, too). But as a caring cancer, you can show him the love and kindness he desperately needs. Give him space if he needs it, but continue to show him you care. I think he'll come around. He needs you more than he knows.

    If all else fails, wait for him to reach out to you. He'll come around. Good luck!

  • My daughther can't seem to stay in a relationship, I don't think she know's what she wants and she is a Scorpio, seems like she is always looking even when she is dating someone. And when she leaves she don't tell him she just vansihes.. What is it with the Scorpio? They can't settle down?

  • Scorpios are Fixed signs and are great at settling down. However, they will not accept second best for one single second. How they define "best" may be different from what you, I and many others think, but they are keenly aware of what is best for them. And remember teh Scorpion... it will rather sting itself to death than be dominated and/or hurt by another.

    So, she is probably looking for whomever is right for her. Scorpios are very intuitive. I think they are even more psychic than Cancer and Pisces, and those 2 signs are scarily psychic (scarily ina good way!)

    No worries, she will commit body and soul and spirit through this lifetime and all others to come, way better than most signs. But... only she can decide if that person and that relationship is right for her. Just let her know you love her, and support her process, and she'll do great!

  • You tell someone you love them and they say "take it back"???????? Very strange, I'd let this one go, sounds like he has too many issues. imo

  • Take heart. I have been in a relationship with a Scorpio, who, while loving sex, was only willing to be physical on a 'friendship' basis. Sounds weird, I know, but his last ex ran off to marry another guy and he avoided sexual intimacy and emotional involvement for 28 years! He even became a Buddhist to have more discipline in his relations with the opposite sex. Well, the more I got to know him I found out he was afraid to have sex, in fact, he couldn't and that's why any attraction stopped short of actual sexual contact (anything else was suggestive touching, kissing--and nothing more--very arousing of course, but 'safe'). Once he realized I wasn't going to judge and willing to do it in a casual, slow way he gradually trusted me enough to open up more and committed himself (although he needed to be in charge; very important to a Scorpio to feel secure). My advice:

    be more casual, and leave the "intensity" up to him. Let him feel he is the seducer, leader, etc. If you want to be 'exciting' have an active social life, and a little mystery. Have self-respect, too. Don't just 'throw' yourself at him. If he really wants you, he'll go after you!

  • As a scorpio male, I read these posts and have to admit to the truth spoken here. I can't speak for all scorpio men but I can guarantee you this, if he loves you he will move mountains to have you. If he is afraid of getting close to you, it is only because he knows the depth of love's joys are directly proportional to love's pain when gone astray. Lastly, to you ladies, if you are hopelessly attracted to a scorpio who is not paying you any attention, or is hot and cold about it, my advice is to ignore him for a while. Scorpio's can endure most things with the patience of Job but we cannot stand being ignored or being seemingly beneath your attention. As for the scorpions who were your former lovers, I guarantee you that it was infinitely harder and painful for him to let you go then he will ever you let you know.

  • This post is deleted!

  • hey blammo..i shd share ith poor hapless gals hopelessly in love with scorps.... i met this man 21 yrs ago , stayed across a street for seven days only, kept in touch for three yrs after that, and finally lost touch...till a couple of yes back, this guy traced me back after trying for 18 yrs, and now for past three yrs its like that , he lets his guards down and next moment they are up like fortress, leaving you cold and stunned.

    but eventually i accepted that , i will continue to love him no matter what , and will hang on till i am told point blank. even after that i will continue to cherish these moments , thanking God to let him be in my life for whatever time.

    true love and passion,,and that too across oceans , we have not seen or touched each other till now, and apparently will never do so in future....

    but then love has not known any reasons...

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