• OK! you pisces people..I'm a true taurus my wife is a pisces.I'm in Iraq for 9 months,wife wants me to stay for 2 years here(good money).Why dose she not like to send me stuff here?Never gose out of here way for me.But as far as I know we are going to live a long life side by side.If I dont get shot!!So why the risk of my life for money?Dont seem right.Im very easy going,she runs around like the world is going to end.But the thing is dose a Pisces see the risk or do they look at the gain?wife Bd 22 feb 83 im 16 may 77

  • I think a lot of people, especially these days are focused on how bad the economy is and making extra money, not how she feels about you or the risk it would be for you.

    I'm a Pisces who just spent nearly 2.5 years in a relationship with a Taurus, who is a soldier as well. I don't think all Pisces won't make the extra effort when a loved one is deployed. I spent the first 7 months of his deployment sending care packages and letters. I never thought about the money I spent on him. For me it was something I just did. Of course I made a conscious effort to remember him. Now he's engaged to someone else.

    I suggest you bring it to her consciousness, gently. Then when she does, acknowledge it. My Taurus never acknowledged the effort I made, unless I asked. It's a two way street of affirmation. You want to know she loves you... she needs that you appreciate her efforts.

  • I just finished dating a Pisces, 1st one.. this guy is 61 an I am 57. He thanks the world revolves around him...He is controlling an just a pain.. I have never saw a person with so much Materialist stuff and just do not have a clue about life...He wants someone that is Perfect and do not talk Back or complain about His A--...some people will never get LOVE so don't worry about her .. Just keep your head up... and let her know where u stand

  • I don't know if you realize this or not, but your wife is on the cusp between Pisces and Aries, she seems to be displaying more of an Aries trait. Anyway that is niether here nor there. You do what you want to do as far as deployment.

    I don't know but her eagerness to get you away from home worries me. Any possibility she's hiding something from you?

  • I am a pisces, its probably not money you may make her feel restriced in some wayss-s. Most of the time I feel my husbands energy so strongly that its hard to find my own path.

    I am a pisces marrird to a leo ,All I do is get pushed around, I have to roar to be heard ,Wehave been married for a long time, I have just about figured out that he wants everthing to be grand,and all about him. I have learned how to brind him back to reality,.Sometimes its just changing the subject to what is in front of us ,Like the house payment ,or what ever.Iam a fish,so I use who i am to deal with who he is .Which works most of the time,. Some times he just dont give a care what any one thinks,he is gonna do it his way. When this happens, I just let him deal with what follows. While I watch. Some times I have to help his butt out,AND that dont change him a bit,his sights are still mostly on him self. This probaly dident help you at all ,at least WE ARE NOT ALONE ROLA 12

  • Hey, I'm a Pieces and I don't feel the same way as you wife does. If my husband was over in Iraq, I would not want him to be there at all. I would fall into depression until he got back home.

    Life would stop the minute he was gone. So, Please don't assume that it's cause she is a Pieces.. Actually if her birthday is Feb 22, that sounds like a Aries to me.

  • Yes she is a Pieces, I was thinking she was borderline to Aquarius>.

  • I'm March 19 on the Pisces/Aries cusp. Feb 22 would be on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp. My new love is a soldier as well, just deployed for a year. Believe me I don't want him over there longer than he has to be. People deal with deployment in different ways no matter what sign they are. I've seen it. The key is communication before assumptions, in my most humble opinion.

  • First and foremost, a true Pisces is not one fueled by money. Being a pisces myself and truely embracing my sign, I would be devasted at the thought of my partner being any way dangerous. Supportive and caring, empathetic and devoted are the Piscean true qualities. Perhaps your wife is under stress or just plain crazy, an man's place is with his family.

  • I think you just might have something. I didn't catch the cusp thing until you pointed that out. Clearly she is not displaying typical Piscean behavior, especially if there is something she is hiding from him. Good insight, and I am eager to read more from you.

  • I'm a Pisces woman. Pisceans aren't always very realistic. I'm sure if she had a true idea of what your life is like--i.e. used her imagination to truly put herself in your shoes--then she might behave a little more fairly. And anyway, doesn't SHE have a job? Why is all the pressure on you?

    The bottom line is, this is YOUR life and you don't owe it to anyone, not even your spouse. If Iraq is not where you feel you should be, then get out as soon as you're comfortable doing so.

    As for her not sending stuff...It could be selfishness, or it could be the typical Piscean habit of living "in one's own little world" (which, while "selfish", is not intentional and certainly not malevolent). You see, where others might need to use effort to detach from the "real world", Pisceans really strive to stay part of it. The world of daily concerns, needs, chores, bills, errands, others' needs, etc, is not our natural habitat. But we realize the necessity of being part of it and so most of us try.

    Most likely she is just oblivious of the reality of your situation and feelings. Again, don't let her decide what YOU do. Best of luck.

  • She is almost the same as my mom. (She is the same way - Feb 22nd as well). Anyways, ask her why she wants you to go, and agree that you will NOT send all your money back to her. (Sounds like she is up to something.) Also, tell her to send you things....I mean, its the least she can do since your over there, earning the money, protecting our country and the such.

  • I am a pisces, march 11, 1984. I would DIE If someone I loved had to go to iraq. She seems like she doesnt know how dangerous it is to be over there, or like she doesnt care about you at all! Stay here, and dont go over there for 2 more years. If it's not something YOU want to do don't freaking do it. She is NOT a pisces. SHe has to be an aquarius, sometimes they can be cold and care about money and material things and also like to be alone. She seems like she likes it the way it is, you gone and her with the money. If my husband wanted me gone for two more years I would question his motives.

  • that's strange. sounds like she is in it for the money. I have known a few Aqua female like that, but not Pisces, It could be the cusp, but I think it's cusp if she was born Feb 18, not after 20th.

  • I agree with whoever says she likes the $$$, It sounds like the money is very important to this person. Its hard times economically, but I remember the military, and even if your not deployed you still have some income, your basically allright,and your spouse is safe, atleast thats how I looked at it. My ex is pisces/aries cusp, he would have been the one to go there, but was blessed to be busy with homeland stuff before getting out. We had a baby, not much in savings, and not a real plan for the outside life, but I still couldn't have wanted him to be over there in that mess for two years, he on the other hand probably wouldn't have minded if it were the other way around, but thats why hes an ex. I have known several pisces, they were all a bit different then one another, some would give thier last dime to another in need, some, mabe not, she needs to know how this makes you feel, and you need to feel a very sincere, heart felt apology, at the very least.

  • It's funny that you say your wife seems to worry about the money and material things and then TT, you say you want her to send you material things. 🙂

    This relationship has an interest in social image and career. Both of you carry a great deal of insecurity, which you often seek to alleviate through professional success and upward mobility. Childhood voices telling you that you are inadequate or no good can only be stilled by a thundering ovation from the world, applauding your ambitious exploits. The relationship can also serve as a 'painkiller' to distress or pain caused by your wife's negativity and your worry. It can prove therapeutic in helping both of you work out your insecurities in other ways than through ambition. Your wife can learn social skills through understanding and a stimulating friendly relationship with you, who is gifted in this area and will be gratified by being able to pass on these talents. The relationship itself will prove a sympathetic haven in times of need or distress. Through dealing constructively with the problems of others, as unofficial advisors or counsellors, you two can raise your own levels of confidence and self-esteem. You two can share deeply empathic feelings. You both know what it is to be hurt, often having been so in childhood, and you can exhibit great sympathy for one another in sensitive psychological areas. Your wife may feel vaguely irritated by your optimistic attitudes and you can get annoyed by her pessimism, but such differences will soften over time as a middle ground is established. Indeed, learning to listen and compromise are important in this relationship, which has the potential for reaching new levels of trust - fostering love, affection, and ultimately passion. Marriage however can be more tricky tham a love affair and may not provide the stability the relationship needs. You are both very sensitive to disapproval and need to break out of that vicious cycle. Make sure that, if you have children, you don't act out the same parental roles you knew in your childhood or make the same mistakes as your parents. Don't follow old scripts with each other or others. Develop trust and understanding through open communication but be careful not to criticise the other person when discussing your issues.

  • I think sometimes, when it comes to soldiers, even just a piece of mail that day can make all the difference. Its not always whats in the package, its the connection to back home and people they love, that they think of to keep them going, get them through another day, more though the act and the thought really then whats in the box.

  • Dear Braveheart

    Tell her to swap places with you..........she wouldn't last a day.

    You live in the real world..................... ..she lives in her world - La,La land

    Give her the Sun and the Moon..............she'll want the stars as well

    Tell her to get off her butt and work........she'll run for the hills..

    Why are you risking your life for someone who does not value your life?

    Please put more value on it.. Your parents did not give you life for it to be thrown way on someone who does not give a d. a. m n. about your safety. So you sacrifice your life for her to prove how much you love her.........so what?.A futile gestur on your part; a tragic waste of life.

    With you gone she'll move on to her next victim wthin a week and vampirise him. Please get a grip and see things as they are, not as she wants you to think they are and you hope they are.

    Peace and clarity

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