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  • Hi everyone,

    At beginning of July I put up a blog on how to use tarot and astrology to solve life problems.

    the blog address is www.tarot-solutions.blogspot.com

    I think you should read through the old post for instructions on the readings and also on topics discussed including theosophy, Madama Blavatsky, and soulmates.

    In order to post a question you will need to register under followers- with a google account.

    I hope I will see you there.

  • Hello HighP09....I will wecome yr. help...my quest...will he be my life's partner?

    cards; 6pentacles,ace cups,7cups,7swords and death....what do you think...a 5 card spread

  • Hello HighP09,

    Last night, I put up a post requesting some kind of romantic reading and I was wondering if maybe you could help me with that? I'm a single Gemini 06/14/1985. Most recently, I had something going on with a Virgo 08/28/1983, but it appears that that is most likely not going to develop into anything. Could you maybe help me with a reading that might look at my potential for starting a new relationship? Thank you very much!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi hope your still free and able to help Im stuck in a rut I think, need helpppp is it going to work out for me so many changed at the moment.

    I am Capricorn and my DOB is 5th January 1957.

    Please please if you cN HELP



  • Can you help me interpret this: daily spread

    Situation page of swords

    Challanges: 9 of cups

    daiyly relfection 6 of swords

    Advice 7 of wnds

    near furutre death

  • Hello HighP09,

    I would love some help via a reading if you are still willing and available to help... Lately I have been so chaotic and "in my head". I can't figure out my next step career wise, because the outward me doesn't match the me inside. Its been causing a lot of distress and a lot of deep thoughts, anxious dreams, and nights with conscious "sleep". I know that I have guardians and I am so thankful. Lately I'm finding that I really need direction, and its not about hating a job or anything like that, its simply that I know this is not what I am supposed to being doing, but I don't know what I am in fact supposed to be doing. I am a Virgo, DOB 9/18/1984. My most sincere thanks.



  • This post is deleted!

  • I submitted apost before..I do not believe I gave enough info....my dob Feb.21st,54...the person I care about is July2nd 59. If not him..is there any-one else.

  • This post is deleted!

  • If you have time can pls looks at my request that I placed today, I need to register at your blog and cant do that at work. grealty appreciated

  • Hello,

    I am new here but would love some insight into my current situation. I am dating someone new, but a candle still burns for someone else that I feel is my soul mate. Can you give any insight into what future developments may arise? Thank you so much for your time and generous offer!


  • hello Highp09,

    can you do me a reading now?

    In the moring I'm at work.

    I want to know if my exboyfriend have another woman and will we ever get back together. and is he still in town or moved somewhere else?

    I'm sagitarius, he's libra

    thank you

  • Hello HighP09,

    I'm stuck between a Cancer and an Aquarius. I can't figure out which direction to do. The LOVERS card keeps popping up in my tarot readings. Maybe if you could do a reading for me, it might give me a little more insight? DOB: 8-22-1981 (mine) my Cancers DOB is 6-30-1976 and he and I've been together for 5 1/2 yrs now... But I've not been happy with our relationship...but i still love him...it's really complicated.

  • Hi-

    I will answer your questions on the blog. Please go there to read your answers.

    If you want to post questions you will need to register with the blog under followers.


  • Hello HighPO9,

    If your still available to do a reading , I would greatly appreciate one please and thank you .

    I would like to know how things will turn out for me in regards to my Finances and my Life in general . Thanking you in advance ,

    Take Care & Best Regards


  • Hi HighP09

    Can you do a reading for me?

    I would like to now about my overall love life .. what will happen...



  • Hi Rosas:)

    Can you tell me your sign? It would also be helpful if you would tell me your partner's sign as well..


  • I need a reading. I need some guidance and I hope a reading will give some insight on what I need to keep and what I need to throw out of my life.

    Where I am going and who I can depend on to stick it out with me, including a man that I care deeply about and one I loved and was married too and has since died.

    I am a mess and I am confused.

  • Hi Kay;

    I am a bit confused about your question. Are you trying to pick between 2 men, but one is dead?

    Or do you mean by dead as in gone for now?

    Are you just looking at a general fate/ destiny reading?

    Thanks.. Also please go on my site and tell me which is your tarot card based on your astrological sign.

  • Hi HPriestess,

    I would love a general reading. I am a Gemini.

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