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  • So this is what's currently happening. First of I work for a company that my mother runs (director) me, my dad, my sister all work there as well. First off my dad was hired not by my mother but by the company that owns us. Today he was told that he will be demoted to assistant. my sister was fired on false allegation that she wasn't doing her job. In this state we are an at will state meaning we can fire employees for no reason. I lost my authority and am now under a person who in the past i've had difficulty working with. Shes' a horrible boss and knows absoultly nothing about her job. She's (in my opionon) an idiot. My mother is now thinking about quitting her position because of all that is been happening. My assistant is ready to quit because she doesn't not want to work under my boss (who is a moron like I said) and says she has an obligation to my mom (who she says is a WONDERFUL person and fair) and another lady wants to quit because she was being treated unfairly. So this is the story so far. Now currently I hate doing my job, I hate teaching people who don't want to learn, and I hate the fact that I have to be supervised by a MORON at work.I'm ready to quit due to the unfairness of this company. (We did not ask for these position they were given to us by our corporate offices, further more I've worked for this company for 7 years and then was promoted) This is the spread I got along with the question I asked. Please any insight on this would be beneficial Thanks!

    Should I quit my job now? Will another better job be waiting for me?

    This is the spread I got (celtic cross)

    Self: Page of Cups

    Situation: The World

    Challenges/Opputunties: The Star

    Foundation: Knights of Wands

    Recent Past: Ace of Wands

    Higher Power: Queen of Coins

    Near Future: Queen of Wands

    Blocks and Inhibitions: Justice

    Allies: Four of Wands

    Advice: Knight of Cups

    Long Term Potential: Seven of Wands


    and I used the celtic cross tarot, this is what i got

  • wow- what a story!!

    I will be honest it does sound like an easy job you had in the beginning.. with all your family working there in different roles. I must admitt i never heard of such a thing before- except in a family owned business.

    The cards are telling you not to quit and to defend what is yours. Why make things easier to this new unqualified person? If you decide to stay you may be able to prove to the company that owns the company you work for that you are more fit for the job.

    I say do not give up and prove yourself regardless of what other members of your familiy decide to do.

  • but I dont' even like this job, like at all.. I hate training lol, so i'm confused why stay somewhere that I want to be 😞 .. but all these signs keep telling me to stay .. I really don't want to, I want something better then this .. 😄

  • a place that I DONT want to be ..

  • I say stick with the job and I'm not going by the Tarot cards either. Jobs are very hard to get now and I know you don't like it, but not many people like their jobs. I've been looking for a job for 3 weeks now and have 22 years experience and haven't found anything yet. That's why I say stick with the job.

  • Yeah i'm thinking the same thing as well, for now I'm just applying to other jobs, untill I can get a definite job else where, I can't believe after 7 years of dedication to this job, from a lowely staff to a man who's earned his right to move up in ranks, that this could be happening... awww life .. AIN'T IT GRAND LOL, but it's good to know that i'm not the only person who's going through this "i hate my job" menatlity lol :))

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