Shy girl needs help interpreting tarot flop please!!

  • There is a guy I have the hots for (for months now) he works in the same building as me, and were both shy, but only with each other. We got to the point that we were nervous even speaking to each other (he has a hard time maintaining eye, blushing..ect) and it makes me feel awkward too...but the crush or strong feelings I have for him wont go away....

    I tried to do a reading on myself but I had 5 card flop out of the deck all at once and assumed they were meant for me. They were 10 of wands, tower reversed, 4 of wands, 9 of cups and 2 of cups. Im thinking that it means he feels the same, that I will get my wish, but I have to let my budens (nervousness or fear) go. I need some help interpreting these cards with the tower reversed please???

  • i suggest you do an actual spread. cards fall out all the time, and while they may mean something, if they're important they will show up again in your spread. it'll be easier for you to read with positions.

  • I did a celtic cross spread. Advice anyone?

    1. Knight of Swords Rev. 10) Ace of Wands

    2. 3 of wands

    3. 6 cups 1) 4 cups rev 6) 9 of cups

    4. Moon Covers 😎 Queen of Cups

    5. 6 of swords 7) 7 Swords rev.

  • sorry the post looks confusing

    Card 1) 4 cups and Moon covers 4 cups

    Card 3) (below) 6 swords

    Card 4) (past) 6 cups rev.

    Card 5) (above) knight swords

    Card 6) 9 cups

    Card 7) 7 swords rev.

    Card 😎 Queen of cups

    Card 9) 3 Wands

    Card 10) Ace of Wands

  • People, you must remember always to show what was your EXACTLY question before make the spread, because the interpretation can vary a lot depending of the question.

    You asked if you're going to be together?

    If he loves you?

    What happen between you?

    If you really should try an approach?

  • My question was am I supposed to hold on to the idea of him, trust that all will work out and we'll be together. Or am I supposed to let him go and move on

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