Will he come back.

  • I meet this man at work @ 6 years ago. We became great friends. Are relationship turned into something more in the past year and 1/2. I know we have great chemistry together and are very attracted to one another. Are worlds are so similiar that it is scary. One of the key similarities is,his marriage isn't good and my marriage was failing over 5 years and was staying in it for a sake of a child. He opened my eyes that I could not stay in marriage when there is nothing left. I have been unhappy for so many years and I finally came to terms and filed for divorce recently. My husband agreed and we filed a no contest divorce and try to remain friends for the sake of a child.

    Since then my friend and I relationship has became more of a sexual attraction on both ends, but we have never had any sexual contact. Oh, don't get me wrong I would love too. We have been playing this game for the past few months. I loved it and so did he. I think I have made him confused and sometimes he would be short with me.

    But recently I have became jealous and hurt everytime he would talk about his wife. So I decided to let him go because I know it would never be right if we would cross that line and be sowing bad seeds. I told him he needs to find the love that him and wife once had, It is really hard for me because I do love him. But I know it is the right thing to do. We haven't spoke since I told him, but I have this feeling he also knows what I did was right . I just hope that the saying is true, if you let someone you love go, they'll come back. Could someone do a reading for me?

  • Well, I must say I do respect your strength. What you did was definitely the right thing. Don't go back, hold your ground. Hold on to your dignity, grace, and pride. If it's meant to be, it will be.

  • Thanks. I really hurt and I know it will pass in time.

  • It takes strength to let go. You did the right thing. You never know where life will take you. If it is meant to be maybe you two will end up together. If not then he taught you that you deserve to have love in your life, and helped you cut a tie so that you will find the love you deserve.

    Have faith

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