Spirits in 250 old home in Norway

  • Hi, Last year I have moved to Norway. We purchased an old home in the city and now realized we have many spirits. Some are very old from the 1700's. I need some advice on getting the house cleaned of negative energy, negitive spirits. I want the positive or helpful spirits to stay. I have also come to realize that I am an empathic to the spirits and people. My friend is more advance and can actually see them. I know that they are there. Mediums are telling me and my friend to clean the house. But who do I use and how will I know that they are the right person. Also there seems to be a portal or a door where spirits come and go. A little overwhelmed.

    Any ideas and help please?

    Many thanks and blessings,


  • you need to get some dried white sage. You can usually get it at any metaphysical store. Take the sage, light it and walk through your entire house. In each room ask the negative spirits to leave, cross over into the light. Then ask the positive spirits to do the same and then also cross them over into the light. It's not good to try to hold onto spirits of any kind. They need peace and your help crossing over.

  • Thank you so much for your post. I hope more people will respond. My understanding is that we al have spirit guides and spirits that do help us out. I do not want to banish those. It is very tricky because I have to do something so they will not enter my house afterwards. A medium told me to hang a mirror on the wall after you open the door so the spirits will not enter after I have cleaned the energy. So they can not enter the home until someone asks them. But I ma concerned with the "door" that the y are coming and going thru. I have a little one that is not even two years old and a spirit plays with him all the time. So they are all not bad or have been earthbound to this house. I hope that clarifys it a bit. I need a professional. Anyone know someone in Norway or someone with the experience in the states?

  • I had this happened to me a few years back. I was renting a place and every day I felt drained and lost focus. A few times glasses were broken, anything from drinking glass to figurines and no one was even touching them or stood close enough to damage them. That's when I realized that I had to do something. I asked a psychic friend and she told me to burn sage incense every day and go around the place (inside, room by room) with it. This was meant to clear the place of negative spirits, but the good spirits won't be affected by it.

    Then I had to place incense in front of each door that people can use to go into the house, front door and back door in my case. I just have to place them at the side of the door, not really at the center so that people don't stumble upon it and not too close to the door itself so that when the door opens it won't hit the incense. You can use the same incense that you use earlier for inside the house, and you don't have to lit new one everytime just so it lasts through the night. If you do this regularly, the place will be safe enough to live in anyway. This advice worked wonder and I didn't even spend a bundle for it. incense is $ 1 here per pack of 10 and I only used 2 per day for the whole house. so it's $ 6 roughly for a month.

    There was another way I was advised to do by a witch (real witch). But I didn't do it because I didn't think it was necessary. It was good if you were 'attacked' but if the spirits just hang in there you only need the incense ritual. If you were attacked or your family was, you need a pillar candle. you have to write certain spells on it, the candle will be black (if you want to avenge the attack) or blue (if you only want protection). I don't think spirits will go that far in your case but I wouldn't know for sure. In my case however I wasn't attacked, I just happened to live in a place that was crowded by spirits too so I need to clear it up and get 'my own space' among them.

  • Hi, Personally, I would get the heck out. I have worked at a place where there was breaking glass a lot--and not by people. I decided it was more than coincidence so I prayed and it stopped. I don't have any experience with ghosts but know of their presence. How much nicer it is to live in a non-haunted place. Two people died in the house I live in now but no hauntings. The lady I bought it from told me about it--her son and husband. I did have a dream recently about being in the 1900's in a canning store and when I woke-up my yard light was working which has never worked before and is still working. Strange coincidence? I don't know what to offer here. I know in the church incense is burnt during mass. It reminds me of what was mentioned (sage.) However, incense is symbolic in the church of our prayers being offered into heaven. I see a similarity there. Leading the spirits into the light makes perfect sense to me.

  • Thank you for the response. Any clue on the door that the spirits are coming in and out of. It is really not a door though. I have to find it first. Any hints? Can any one tell me where the door is?

  • the portal should be an area in your house where there are a lot of spirit activities. there must be one single area like this in your house. you said 'Also there seems to be a portal or a door where spirits come and go' so you know approximately where it is, you already feel it. your friend or your child should be able to help. your child especially, because their connection with spirit world is stronger than adults. take them to every place in your house, the area with the most activities, is where the portal is or at least the eye of the portal. First and foremost, you must have some sort of protection with you before you do this. The spirits may not attack you yet, but if you try to close the portal they may try to. If you have a basement, I would try there first. Have you tried to find the history of the house, the land it is on? That may give you insight on what kind of protection you need and what kind of spirits you are dealing with. Are you still in touch with the realtor or the previous owner? Good luck. that's all I can suggest for now.

  • Thank you so much for your help. I do not think I will be attacked.... I think they are scared like we are. They are used to living here without anyone seeing them or feeling them. I think it will work out okay. It will be better for everyone in the long run. It was meant to be that we bought this house. Thank you all so much for caring. It means a lot. What a great forum!

  • OK if you are sure they are not the attacking type, good luck with the cleaning. I've never lived in a house that old maybe one day it wil happen but hopefully it is inhabited with good spirits.

  • Dear TNilsen:

    In general, you can use sage (it is always good for cleansing) or you can burn incense stick that has some sage with it while you bless each room, every corner, every hallway, every nook and cranny. Talk to them like you would talk to a baby: with compassion, sensitivity and love.

    Tell them that it is time they moved onto a higher level where there is a greater enlightenment and that they will be happier once they leave. Bless in the name of Jesus, of course, while intoning the name of God, Jehovah, and pray for His Spirit to help you say the right words.

    I am writing in a room where a child died a few years ago and I can still feel her presence. She likes company and often helps with my creativity. Good spirits are helpful. Bad spirits cause bad things to happen.

    If this should be the case (you did not mention if any were bad spirits), you will need only prayer and faith that our Creator has the power to rid your life of evil. You do not need an exorcist.

  • TJ,

    I found a few articles online, please read all the links and then select what you think is best. There are a lot of quacks out there, I know that, because I have spent a lot of money, so please be careful. Smuding seems to be universal, so it might be a nice place to start. Also found a link of a Para Psychology center in Norway, not sure if the address is still valid. Hope the links help. Keep us updated and Good Luck.

    Norsk Parapsykologist Selskap, under Kirsten Pauss (Dahlsgt. 33, Oslo 3).

    http://parapsykologi.se/nyheter/2007/Nyhetsbrev 39.pdf




    Also found this online on a forum, again pick what you feel suits you best.

    Haunted spirits appear in many forms, such as simple ghosts, poltergeists and psychic energy to name a few. If you can sense them and they are causing you anxiety or fear, then you should remove them. Depending on how serious your haunting is, you can perform a few simple techniques to remove the spirits yourself before calling in a professional.

    Things You’ll Need:

    Sage or other herbs

    Clay pot

    Step 1: Communicate with the spirit before you try to remove it. Most ghosts do not need to be removed, but need your help in passing over to the other side. Malevolent spirits, of course, need to be removed. Try speaking to the spirit aloud, staying alert for an answer, which may come in many different forms.

    Step 2: Take control of your home and body by firmly stating that the house is yours and you wish the visitor or spirit to leave. Do not send it towards the light, as not all spirits came from the light originally, so this may upset or hurt some ghosts.

    Step 3: Bless your house. As the power of belief is the most powerful weapon, you should work within your religion or belief set. This means calling upon the goddess, God, Allah or any supreme being in which you believe. Work with written prayers or make up your own to ask the spirits to leave the house.

    Step 4: Smudge your home to repel negative influences and replace positive forces. You should use western sage, lavender or cedar to create smudge sticks or burn the herbs in a clay pot. Then, start on the west side of your house and burn the herbs in each room while mentally projecting positive thoughts. Make sure you open a few windows so excessive smoke does not accumulate.

    Step 5: Perform psychic surgery on any people who seem to attract the haunted spirits. Basically, you lay your hands on them, removing the evil spirits and bad energy using visualization techniques. Picture the bad energy as being black and being enveloped by the color green, which releases suppressed trauma.

    Step 6: Work on your own inner anger. Spirits often manifest after a person goes through a serious trauma or crisis. By removing your anger and fear, the haunting may dissipate.

    Step 7: Invite a ghost hunter to help you with your situation. A legitimate ghost hunter will not charge for services and will not initiate contact. You must ask him to investigate and remove the spirits.

    Step 8: Ask a local minister to come to your house and pray for both the present spirits and the home. This is not an exorcism but merely a blessing.

    Step 9: Contact your church to perform an exorcism. The exorcism you are familiar with from the movies is a Roman Catholic belief, and the ceremony can only be performed by an ordained minister with the proper authority bestowed by the Vatican. Other religions also have some form of exorcism.

  • Thank you for your reply. I am feeling that there are so very many and in different locations. One thing that makes me concerned is that at times I feel angry. SO there must be one that is angry. THere are times that I am sad or confused and can not focus. I feel that these different emotions are coming from them. And these are the ones in the house. Outside is a whole different story. I feel that there is a girl that is a young teenager that is the look out from a long time ago. There are so many. I don't think that they are all bad ... but I am worried about the one this upset or angry. He is not upset with me... but I feel he is fustrated. I feel that I want to understand them more.... which may or may not be the best thing. I TOTALLY AGREE with you that the softer and good spirits do exists. Since the last seeing them....I felt that they have lessened in a way. However, I have had stronger sensations. How do you know that the girl is in the room with you? What do sense? Are you religious?

  • I just read your second posting Cancer July 10. By the way, I have been told that that is the day I was born. However, I was adopted and the fake papers say July 29th after my Sister Aunt Rose. My family was catholic. THank you for those links and for the detailed outline. I really appreciate it. I wonder if I am strong enough.

  • TJ,

    Well, if we share the same birthday, I do hope you have better luck than I do! I read somewhere that souls that passed on earlier than they should have, as in murder, illness etc., do not leave the earth plane until they come to terms with it. I personally have never sensed one, but sometimes I sense something, but then get easily spooked. I do believe that some people can sense spirits.

    About 15 years ago, I went for a sitting with a psychic at the Pshyic Assoc. of GB in London, and I was very skeptical. As I was waiting my turn in this corridor, a door opened and this lady of about 60 passed by, she got a drink and asked me to come into this room for a reading. She then told me that when she saw me in the corridor, she saw this lady blessing me, and then she went on to say she was my grandmother (at this point I was thinking in my mind, yeah, right!) she went on to say she was my maternal grandmother and that I had never known her as she passed away when my mother was very young. This was a fact, I had hair standing on my eyes, but after that everytime I feel the need for help, I pray to her.

    I'm not sure where in Norway you are, but if in Oslo, it might be worth checking out that address, and it is most likely free as it seems to be more of a research/clinical study center.

    Good luck.

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