Cant get her out of my head

  • ok there is this girl she is cute but not the type of hottie i usually go out with she is nice and lots of people just blow her off because she isnt a hottie but i like her i don't know why we have some in common we live in the same neighborhood and i just have no clue why i can't get her out of my head?

  • You can't get her out if your mind because you are attracted to her. Maybe not her looks, but there is something about her that attracts you. This type of thing happens to alot of people, including me. Don't sweat it, try talking to her to figure out what it is about her that attracts you.

  • If something attracts you to her despite her not being your usual 'hottie' it might mean the relationship could turn into something a little deeper than maybe you are used to. I would court this girl! Why are you trying to get her out of your head?

  • I'm sure this girl is very pretty in her own way. When you say 'your type of hottie' i automatically picture the kind of girl who wears way too much makeup and maybe has her chest hanging out all the time. I may be pushing it, but a lot of the time that's the kind of girl guys go for and then are blown away when the relationship never works out.

    Maybe stop trying to compare her to other girls, and take a clear look at her. I'm sure you'll realize she is actually pretty cute, and with a good personality to go with it.

  • Just ask her out! What's stopping you? Are you intimidated by her or is she currently in a relationship? Your going to never know until you do something about it! So, get it over with and get talking!

  • What are U waiting for? Ask her out an see where it goes from there.. Love is a beautiful thing , with the Right person.. Tomorrow is not promised to u are Me .. Talk to her and see what she is about ... Looks mean nothing .. it's what's inside ..Do it .. I dare U

  • it's connect. and you'd be best to take the chance and find out versus waiting until she moves from the neighbor hood and there goes a missed opprotunity to find true love and wonder what if. If it works out or if it doesn't you will have learned something. It is better to have lived and loved than to have never loved at all.

  • and if you worry about what other people think than your just as superficial as they are.

  • If you attracted to a woman based on her mental and spiritual attributes, this might be your first mature relationship. Enjoy it, and go after her!

    Love is a great beautifier! When you are lucky enough to be stuck on a talented, interesting, smart woman with mutual interests... trust me, she gets pretty beautiful. Happens to us ladies with talented, smart, kind, interesting, loyal, but "conventionally not-so-goodlooking" guys. They get more gorgeous than Johnny Depp 😉

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