Relying on my Intuition? Help!

  • Hello, every one I am new here, I have been reading all the wonderful messages here at and it made me want to ask for help on my situation. I have alway's had great intuition and every time I act on it someone is alway's trying to misconstrue the truth or try to hinder my confidence. Some time's I feel my husband does not love me, I feel he lies to me about a certain situation or topic or does not tell me the truth about it after I ask him. In the past my husband has lied to me he would wait for 6 months or a year down the road and then decide to tell me the truth. When I confront him he turn's it around and make's me look like I am crazy. I have loved and cherished this man for 9 years I just need to knowwether my love and emotional support are being misappropriated? I am just needing some reassurance that what I am fealing is true or maybe I just need to get a grip on thing's to better understand the truth of the situation. I am emotionally at end's with this situation and I feel like if it's just harbored emotion coming up, then I will have made the wrong decision? I am a caring individual I alway's try to put other people before me, as I know that I need to spend time on myself first but, all I want is to be loved. I would greatly appreciate if someone could do a reading or give me any kind of advice on this situation? Will we ever find our way back to each other? If so, when? Many Blessing's

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  • Dishonesty is the hardest issue to work through in a marriage. My question is, why would want to work things out with this sneaky man? He will never change his ways. It sounds to me like he likes to taunt you. That would drive me crazy!!! My advice, let go, move on, and allow new relationships to develope. It sounds to me like you have learned all you can from this man and his antics.

  • It is hard to let go. However, it sounds as if he is controlling and a bit manipulitive. I don't think he is a bit of a dark person and likes to see you in this state of self doubt and confusion. He thinks it is fun. Not a good person for you or anyone.

  • Sorry I meant I think he is a dark person and not a good person.

  • Well, I would like to tell you the truth about why I am sticking around, I you could email me I will be glad to explain further. If it was a different situation I would be gone along time ago. So, am I right about every thing that I have been feeling?

  • I have no idea what you are talking about, please explain.

  • Sorry, What I am trying to say is that he is "terminally" ill and will not live out the year. I love him and care for him as well we have children together.

  • dear ImprisonedSpirit,

    my guides tell me that you are spot have been and you are not acting on your truth.

    I am so sorry for all your pain....sending light and healing your way.


  • Hi Imprisoned Spirit.

    Relax. Dont despair.

    Whatever conflict you are having with your husband, you need to let it go emotionally, so that it will not control how you feel.

    If your husband is keeping something secret, let it be like that. But perhaps even he is just saying things like that to make you upset. Sometimes people say things just to be mean, even if they are going to die soon.

  • Imprisoned Spirit,

    I have walked a similar path, my husband died 2 .5 yrs ago. He had brain cancer which before it took his life, it took his good nature & left us to care for an angry mean man. Our life (3 boys) was on hold for the time of his illness. I prayed often for the inner strength to help me through this dark time. You, too will find a way to help him but it is VERY important for you to take care of yourself. You have a right to be "whole" when he dies, for yourself & your children. I'm sorry, it sounds as if you have had such a difficult journey I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you'd like @

  • Hello InWonder,

    Nice to meet you, can I email you or you email me to talk further about this situation? When you say I have not acted on the truth , do you mean that I should confront him? I thank you and spirit for all the help and support that has been given. I guess I am just a tool to him, where do I go from here.

    Dear Amused,

    I want to thank you for your heart felt word's which have given the emotional support that I have needed. One of these day's I will find someone who truely loves me. Godd bless

    I want to thank every one for all the help that has been given, sometimes when some one is not happy with their self they try to make other people live's a living hell. But for now I am going to quit caring so much about him and focus on me!

  • Instead of him continuing on this path I think he should be honest and move on. I was once told by someone that he said out loud one night while drinking that he was just using me for a cover up. That statement did not come from a very honest reliable person. However it's doesn't feel that far fetched of a story! I will take it as a lesson to learn and grow from and hopefully it will only make me stronger in the end. The one thing I will not tolerate is if he has broken our vowel's of marriage, I will not endure adultery in my marriage.

  • Dear Imprisoned,

    The sense I am receiving is to let go of the past without confrontation. Forgive him as he does not fully comprehend as he has not developed spiritually in the way you have.

    In some way, his manner of life and the reactions to you have been of jealousy of your ability to see and cannot appreciate your gift when it was not given to him. There has been some deep-seated resentment regarding the past in which he used against you to wound you.

    Life can be difficult when one partner's psychic talent exceeds expectations. It is normal for individuals to want some privacy in their personal lives without having it thrown in their face as a method of deceiving you. It is likely your husband feels like his life is an open book to you, and it feels like he is being spied upon to no good purpose.

    Perhaps, you can discuss this matter with him in a more positive way that helps him understand your need for being trusted and that you do not share with others what you discover. However, some partners pull away when he feels controlled, forced into being totally upfront and aware that you can sense his slightest wrongdoing. It can be spooky.

    There are times when it is not necessary to inform others of your gift as you can put yourself in danger when you create a confrontational situation to force a confession of guilt. Unless the matter is urgently important, ignore the vibrations. Write them down in a journal, instead. Doing so will unburden you and give him a sense of relief he needs.

  • Hello imprisonedspirit, just a few feelings that I got from your post. I think perhaps your husband has played little unfair games with you in the past but this time it is for real., and he knows how much you love him and is finding it very difficult to deal with his illness and the prospect of leaving you and the children, my feeling is you are very sensitive and naturally this situation is very painful, he really loves you dearly and is perhaps trying to paint a picture of himself that will be easier for you to accept and will make you stronger. I find this a bit hard to write to you I don,t know you but I certainly feel how difficult this must be. You cannot change the past things he said or did I hope you can enjoy quality time together and GOD willing his diagnosis will be reversed. I will think of you in my prayers ..... Leonida

  • Thank you to all who has lifted me up in hard times. God bless you all and I thank you for such wonderful knowledge, & kind insight!

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