LOST: A Wallet (a year ago)

  • Please help! I am at my wits end. I lost my wallet about a year ago (its a little black change purse). I am currently in the military and at the time I was getting ready to deploy to Iraq. At first I thought I sent my wallet over to Iraq when I sent a bag in advance. Turned out it wasnt in the bag. After returning from Iraq, I have looked around my house EVERYWHERE with no luck. I have also looked in my office at work. NOTHING! Sometimes its like an obsession and i look for hours for this wallet. Please help!!!

  • I've shared this with so many people, with unbelievable success. It just seems that---St. Anthony, patron saint of many things, but , in this case, Patron Saint of Lost Articles-, will, when called upon for help......make things turn up! I've found money that had fallen out of my purse in a shopping center parking lot, after two hours. A friend found her diamond earring that had been lost for 6 weeks, when a morning ray of sun made it sparkle in it's location.

    Most unbelievably, I found a cross, the last sentimental thing from my late mother. The piece is barely 1/2", dangling from my chain link bracelet. It had been a day where I was everywhere, car shop, laundromat, drugstore, lunch out...when I happened to notice that nothing was dangling. Posted notes, with a drawing, at all these locations, but with little hope. Two days later, the restaurant called....the cleaners were emptying the vacuum cleaner bag when they saw something shiny stuck on a thread. All this when life was in deeply dire straits, so a great deal of significance.

    So, nothing fancy required, you don't have to light a candle...it just seems to put a focus, a beam of energy if you will, when you ask St. Anthony for help. Sometimes even deeply irreverent...'Yo, Tony, how about a hand here?!'

    I do hope this helps you. "If you have faith, you don't worry. If you worry, you don't have faith", has also worked for me.

    Best of the best wishes for you, and thanks so much for your military service. I'll throw my voice in with yours in your request.

  • Hi: I totally agree about St. Anthony. Might be better if you invoke his assistance tho.

  • Thanks you so much for the guidance. Well I called up St Anthony till my voice was hoarse. I guess we'll have to see huh? how long does it take to show up?

  • I am feeling that you put it somewhere safe, thinking, "I will never forget where it is, now."

    Am I correct?

    I get the sense of it being hidden from view and in a place of safe-keeping. Where do you put things that you want to keep?

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