, any good experience?

  • I found this website and made some wishes. I thought it was kind of neat that this website doesn't force anyone to donate (we can, but we don't have to) and they don't ask for names or address. Doesn't sound like scam to me. But the first 2 nights after I made the wishes, I had a dream about a man wearing all black came to our house. He had something in his hand. It was dark I couldn't see much. I just saw a bit of his face, it was full of cuts and he was holding something in his hand looked like a bat.

    Does anyone have any good experience with this website? Do you make any wish and do you dream of anything? It scared the hell out of me but I thought I should wait until my wishes come true before deleting the bookmark forever, if it ever comes true at all.

  • I made a wish on that website over 6 months ago..and so far it has not come true. I've never experienced any bad or scary dreams since making my wish.

  • Give your wish the positive energy it needs and feel no guilt or remorse for making that wish... The good energy will power your wish to come true... I am still doing the work on mine and I believe it will come true.. But we must all do the "work" 1st.



  • YES!!! I made a wish and it came true, and it was a big wish. You must follow the instructions very carefully. Read the entire instructions a few times. I can't tell you what my wish was due to privacy issues, but, I will tell you it had to do with money, big money. It took about six months to come true, but it did, I am going to the website and making another wish. Also, you're right you don't need to make a donation and I didn't!!!

  • thanks for the advice and sharing your stories. I missed a day and had to re do my wishes again. I'll follow the instructions carefully.

  • I wish with my whole soul and my whole heart that my ex will come back to me.

  • by the way if your wish hasn't come true you shouldn't say it or talk about it.

    it says so in the website

  • it works just give it a try

  • I've made a few wishes and they've all came true ^-^ Be very specific when you're making a wish though

  • This post is deleted!

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