Help Please! Divorce Question

  • hi everyone. 🙂

    i am going through a divorce & really need your help.

    i am in the process of divorce & i want to know if my husband

    will come back to me before the divorce if finalized.

    i did a Celtic Cross reading for it. can someone help me interpret it.

    Card #1: Judgement

    Crossing Card: Page of Cups

    Card at Bottom: 6 of Cups

    Card at Top: Queen of Cups

    Card at Left: 6 of Wands

    Card at Right: The Sun

    Staff Cards (from bottom to top):

    The World

    8 of Wands

    4 of Wands

    Outcome = The Lovers

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    thank you.


  • Do you have children?

    I see very positive cards, almost all of them. But that Page can define a lot of things, can be a child, or a new love, or affection...that's why I asked.

  • thank you soooooo much Lity 🙂

    no children.

  • hi-

    no- the page of cups here I would interpret as news coming to you. I am not surprised to see that you answered no children.

    Also did you use reversals on your cards? I see only upright positions..

    your cards show no divorce to me at all.. if you would use the reversals then I could be able to see more.

    With the lovers in the final position it could mean that your husband will have to make a choice between you and something or someone else.

  • Thank you High 🙂

    i don't use reversals. not good enough yet to use them 🙂

    the question was, "will my husband save our marriage before the divorce is finalized"?

    another question...

    can fear & one's emotions alter the cards you draw?

    i have done readings in the past for other things

    & if i ask the same question more than 5 times,

    i get different answers depending on if i am anxious about the answer or just calm.

    when i am fearful, anxious, scared, i tend to get scarier cards.

    when i am calm & detached, the reading flows better.

    thank you all for your time.


  • I talk about the possibility of children because that position is a very important one to understand a reading. That position is what's crossing the main question!

    Whole interpretation:

    I see you're on a definition situation, based on things that happened in the past, it's all being faced now.

    The spread shows your will to get back to the good times, and shows you as a very strong and emotional woman, wanting a family, wanting love.

    It shows a lot of past victories in your relationship, and some happiness in your way to come.

    Everything is happening very fast, and you know this situation you are right now is a final situation, and it'll change very soon. You'll have news in your life.

    To the outcome I see he'll have to choose between two paths, and it's a emotional choice for him.

    The Lovers don't tell us if he'll choose you, but it tells he still loves you.

    I think you'll be together again, based on all the other good cards of this spread, showing all your victories in the past, good memories moving you, a powerful woman for love, for a relationship.

    I did not see any card showing a divorce happening, so that's what I think.

  • "i have done readings in the past for other things

    & if i ask the same question more than 5 times,

    i get different answers depending on if i am anxious about the answer or just calm."

    It is not recommended doing spreads with the same question so many times.

    You can just ask the same question since there's 1 month you did the last reading, or if your situation had a very big change since then.

    You wont get a serious result this way. If the first spread shows something, this something are happening or have chances to happen in 1 month, or maybe more.

    It is good to specify the time before making the spread.

  • thank you soooooooo much Lity 🙂 i really really appreciate it. 🙂

    i couldn't help it. i did another 3 card reading. 😉

    will he save our marriage?

    4 of cups, 4 of pentacles, & the freaking Lovers again!


    thanks again!


  • one more question...

    if i do a celtic cross reading asking what someone will do,

    like "will my husband save our marriage".

    do i read the spread from HIS perspective

    or do i look at the spread from MY perspective

    thanks a bunch 🙂


  • ok ok ok ok....

    since i got the Lovers twice in the outcome position.

    i did one more Celtic Cross reading.... don't shoot me Lity 🙂

    this one i think shows the divorce stuff...

    Card #1: 2 of Cups

    Crossing Card: Death! Yikes! that sucks.

    Card on Left: The Tower

    Card on Right: Page of Disks

    Bottom Card: Justice

    Top Card: Queen of Pentacles

    Staff Cards: From Bottom to Top

    6 of Cups


    5 of Wands

    10 of Pentacles (Outcome Card)

    sorry i couldn't resist asking again. sorry.

    beck 🙂

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